Get ready as Hunted is back tonight on CBS (8/7c) with another hour episode with the final five teams and one of them is just about to be revealed with a big storm to send them off on their journey.

Aarif shaves his head on Hunted

Team English and Stephen are the last of the nine teams on Hunted this season and while four other teams have already been caught we’ve yet to see these two start things off. Then the other four teams will keep pressing on as the Hunters close in.

The latest sneak peek from CBS suggests there could be some danger for Thu & Sentra David & Emiley when their vehicle is tracked thanks to its license plate, though we’ll have to wait and see just how they got that plate number in the first place. Next we’ve got a focus on Aarif & Immad and it looks like Aarif is giving himself a haircut to help his appearance, though I’m not sure how much that’s really going to change things up.

So far each episode has offered up the sacrifice of one team’s chances at winning. Who do you think could be the next ones to go? Join us back here at 8PM ET tonight to watch and see who escapes and who gets caught on Hunted!