It’s finally time to meet the last team on Hunted with English and Stephen and maybe we’ll learn why this North Carolina couple was dragged along for so long in the season before being introduced.

Hunted Team English and Stephen

After last week’s episode of Hunted wrapped up we were down four teams with five left in the running for a chance at the $250K, but with the messy way the teams are revealed there’s no way of knowing how long these later groups will actually make it. And this week’s pair won’t have an easy start of it.

I remember a few rough storms in NC over the summer around when these Hunted episodes were being filmed and boy I wouldn’t have wanted to be out there in them. Of course they were doing some tough things for some big money, but those poor camera guys probably weren’t too thrilled to wander in that weather.

According to the sneak peek clip in this week’s Hunted promo Stephen and English are struggling to find shelter with the storm that greets the start of their adventure but unlike a few other couples they may have the luck of no Hunters on their tail just yet.

Now as for who might be Emiley and David it looks like the Hunters get a hit on a license plate and are tracking them down the road. The helicopter is either for that team or Aarif and Immad who we find paddling across a lake. Hopefully they aren’t trying to actively get away from anyone with that move because we already saw how that ends.

Get ready to join us back here on Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS for the latest Hunted episode. We’ve got just four episodes left in the season and so far one team has been caught in each of the four episodes (CBS played episodes two and three in that double length night) so edited could be dolling these out for us. Maybe they’ll all get away this week though for a nice surprise.

Is your favorite team still in the running? Who do you think has the best chance at making it to the end of Hunted?