Time for another night of performances on The X Factor USA 2013 as the Top 6 on The X Factor USA Season 3 take the stage tonight and perform twice for our votes! Twice the performances means twice the pain of sitting through it all and it also means a jam-packed two hours in order to fit all 12 performances. We only have six acts remaining and only two weeks away from finding out who the winner of The X Factor 2013 will be! Watch with us tonight and see the videos of their performances below in our The X Factor USA 2013 Top 6 Performances Spoilers Recap!

The X Factor USA 2013 Spoilers - Top 6

Last week on The X Factor Season 3, it was a shocking week of eliminations. First to go was Lillie McCloud, who probably had the best voice in the competition. For her, it was an age thing and she did not have the appeal to get the tweens to vote for her, which is sad. For the sing-off, it was a battle between Josh Levi and Rion Paige. This shocked me too, as I did not expect them in the bottom. Simon Cowell voted to end it in a tie, which turns the results back over to America’s votes and they sent home Josh Levi!

Watch the Top 6 on The X Factor Season 3 take on themes of Divas and Unplugged in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The X Factor USA 2013 Top 6 Performances Spoilers Recap or see the performance videos of the Top 6 on The X Factor Season 3 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

Round 1 – Divas

Restless Road (Groups) – “Red” by Taylor Swift

They feel their performance last week went as well as it could possibly go. We take a look at their hometowns and the support they have been getting along this journey. They said they have to take this diva song and put a man-band twist to it! To be honest, I am losing all my appeal for this group. They are just cute boys that tweens want to vote for and can’t sing as great as I thought they could. This was a mess to me!

Rion Paige (Girls) – “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood

She said last week was nerve-wracking and she was afraid to cry because she did not know if she would have been able to stop. Demi Lovato said this is her chance to fight back and show America what she is capable of. I don’t get Rion and I don’t get Demi. I think she tried with this song choice, but it did not work. She was pitchy and not the normal strong singer she is on these country songs. I am disappointed!

Jeff Gutt (Over 25s) – “Without You” by Mariah Carey

After not making it last season, he felt defeated. His hometown helped him get through it and he feels his city is right there with him! He is the furthest thing from a diva, but Kelly Clarkson says it is in there for him. This one is a mix bag for me, as I like some of it and some of it is not very good. The rock parts are spot-on and he sounds great, but then some of the singing parts sound rough. Better than the first two performances though!

Ellona Santiago (Girls) – “Applause” by Lady Gaga

Simon Cowell told her last week on The X Factor USA 2013 that she now has a chance of winning this competition. Demi said she needs to have confidence in her performance, but more importantly is to nail the vocals. Simon hopes it is just her and the track. This was beyond a strange arrangement. Lady Gaga does this song so well and it is catchy. Ellona did this song and I was annoyed and bored. She sounded horrible!

Alex & Sierra (Groups) – “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

When introducing them, Simon said he is dedicating this performance to Kelly Rowland. They are singing Destiny Child, but Simon wants them to sing their own version of the song. I just love these two and that sums it up for me. This is a great and popular song, but they put their twist on it and both of them sound great. Alex has such a catchy sound to his voice and I love it, but I think Sierra shined on this one and seemed so comfortable.

Carlito Olivero (Boys) – “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez

Carlito has a song picked out for him, but then Paulina Rubio feels he is going to lose votes with that song choice and she switches it up. I am now very curious to see what his first song choice was. I think Carlito nailed it with his performance last week, but this one lacked something for me. He looked good and shook it for us, but the song never went anywhere and didn’t show off any range on The X Factor USA 2013.

Round 2 – Unplugged

Restless Road (Groups) – “Wake Me Up” by Avicii

Simon said this is a popular song and the boys said they have to do it right or it will be noticed. Simon thinks it could be their best performance of the competition. Decent performance and way better than their first one, but the baritone guy just did not fit well with this song. He sounds good at parts, but no deep voice and he isn’t that great of a singer.

Rion Paige (Girls) – “Glass” by Thompson Square

Rion thinks the lyrics of this song describe her life. Demi wants her to feel every note and draw people in and I think Rion can nail this performance. Is it just me, but are these performances tonight on The X Factor USA Season 3 doing nothing for anyone else? Demi is crying during this performance and I am annoyed! I just have heard Rion sing way better than she did tonight and I am disappointed again!

Jeff Gutt (Over 25s) – “Daniel” by Elton John

Jeff loved this song selection by Kelly and said the song reminds him of his older brother. This was nice to see Jeff perform in a non-rocker way. He still kept that rocker in his voice, but it was slow and I liked it on him. A good song choice and I am liking Jeff Gutt tonight!

Ellona Santiago (Girls) – “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce

Ellona is taking on one of her biggest idols with this performance. She has no big production to rely on and this is just about her vocals and I think she will fall flat, but prove me wrong, girl! I’ll bite my words, as Ellona nailed it. Her vocals were on-point, besides a little stumble at the beginning. She sounded good and I wouldn’t mind seeing her do more of these songs and she could win The X Factor 2013!

Alex & Sierra (Groups) – “Say Something” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera

Every week on The X Factor USA 2013, Alex & Sierra strip down the songs and make them their own. To do something different for this performance, Sierra sits down and plays the piano, which she has never done before! As if I don’t these two enough, they go and perform this song and do it so well. The original version is very broken down and simple, so they just sang and sounded amazing together. Alex sounds so much like the original guy and this is beyond perfect! Demi said they never took their eyes off each other and she believes them and needs them in the final four!

Carlito Olivero (Boys) – “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

Paulina said he needs to lose some of his energy for this performance, so she sends him to the gym to do some boxing and release that energy. Or she sends him there so we can see him work up a sweat? First of all, I loved he threw in the Spanish lyrics. I think he sounds great when he does that and this was a good performance. However, I do not think it was unplugged and seemed too high-energy for me! Simon said he would be upset if he saw him go home tomorrow night!

The performances are done for tonight on The X Factor USA 2013. Who are you voting for?

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