Taking a page from The Voice Season 3, Simon Cowell started the night on The X Factor USA 2012 with a special tribute to all the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. He looked like he was struggling a little with his little speech and maybe even getting a little teary eyed? The Top 12 took the stage afterwards and sang “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson. You can check out The X Factor USA Season 2 tribute to Sandy Hook below.

Here is my rant with this performance: I think that The Voice Season 3 kept it classy with the coaches singing with the singers from Season 3 behind them and joined by a children’s choir and holding up a card with the names and ages of the victims. It was short and sweet and simple. Then The X Factor USA 2012 takes the stage for their tribute and they had each act take on a little part of the song. They were all dressed in white, but some of their outfits were over the top and I hated that.

There is a difference between doing a tribute and doing what The X Factor 2012 did. I don’t want all the production and the hooplah. The Voice did it right and The X Factor did it wrong. They were also joined by a children’s choir and showed the names on the big boards on the stage. There was just something missing from this tribute. I missed the emotion that The Voice coaches showed. It was a nice idea, but I think they missed the mark. Check out The X Factor Season 2 tribute to Sandy Hook here:

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