Of all the acts remaining in the Top 4 on The X Factor USA 2012 I would have to say my favorite by far is Tate Stevens. I think he is very deserving of winning The X Factor Season 2. Will he? I am not sure. It has been a battle between him and Carly Rose Sonenclar for the top two spots each week in the rankings on The X Factor 2012. Tonight Tate got the chance to sing two songs to win your votes on The X Factor USA Season 2. You can check them out below for The X Factor USA 2012 semifinals!

For his first song, Tate Stevens picked “Bonfire” by Craig Morgan. He wanted to stay true to his country roots, but also wanted to have fun and be more upbeat and dedicated this to all his friends. I think it was an awesome performance and was a different side of Tate. This is the kind of song he would record on his own album, so he showed America why they should vote for him on The X Factor USA 2012. He won my vote, but decide for yourself here:

For the second song, L.A. Reid picked “Fall” by Clay Walker. Tate and his wife just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and Tate was singing this song to her. I love the relationship they have together and the emotion Tate shows while both singing and talking about his wife, you know it is real and another reason why he should win The X Factor Season 2. The performance was spot-on and full of emotion, so props to Tate. Check out the performance here:

Would you vote for Tate Stevens on The X Factor USA 2012?

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