If you want to entertain a crowd then the person to get is Pitbull and that is what The X Factor USA 2012 did when they booked him for the finale show! Pitbull performed on The X Factor USA Season 2 Finale tonight and of course, he rocked it out. The X Factor 2012 had two hours to fill, so they brought out Pitbull and One Direction to help pass the time a little for the girls screaming in the audience. Check out Pitbull perform on The X Factor Season 2 below.

Pitbull nicknamed himself “Mr. Worldwide” and who knows about that one, but he has made his way around the singing competitions. He has been on The Voice and now he made his way to The X Factor. These shows are a great way to promote a new single or a new album and that is exactly what he was doing tonight on The X Factor USA 2012 Finale!

When Pitbull performs you can expect that the stage will be filled with girls and even more girls that aren’t wearing much clothing. He thinks he is a player and his songs come off that way. Apparently tonight there was a party going on at The X Factor Season 2 and Pitbull did not want it to stop. He sang his new single “Don’t Stop The Party” and it had it’s normal dance beat that every Pitbull song has. It was fun and entertaining, so it was a nice break from all the silliness and stupid ways FOX can drag out a results show. Check out Pitbull perform on The X Factor USA 2012 below:

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