One of the surprise acts left for me on The X Factor Season 2 is Fifth Harmony. I didn’t even want them to make the live shows on The X Factor USA 2012, but here they are now in the Top 6 and still going strong. This is a crucial week for them on The X Factor 2012, as they have never broken the Top 4 in the rankings, so they may be headed home on The X Factor USA Season 2. With two performances under their belt, it is now up to America to decide their fate. Check out Fifth Harmony perform both their songs on The X Factor Season 2 below.

For their first song, Fifth Harmony sang “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele. Yes, these girls all have good voices, but they are a group and not individual singers. They never sing like they are a group and as much as Simon Cowell wants them to work, I just don’t get it. Five girls is too much on this stage and maybe knock one or two of them out of there and it could maybe work. Check out the performance here:

The second song for Fifth Harmony tonight on The X Factor 2012 was picked by America and is “Give Your Heart A Break” by judge Demi Lovato. This was a special moment for them because I actually liked them! They had fun up on the stage and sounded good together. It was enjoyable to watch and they sounded like a young, girl group…props to America on the song choice. Check it out here:

Would you vote for Fifth Harmony on The X Factor Season 2?

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