The Top 6 on The X Factor Season 2 took the stage tonight and performed two songs for your votes America! The first song was picked by The X Factor USA 2012 fans, as part of the Pepsi Challenge. The whole performance was selected by the fans, so that should not disappoint. The second song is an Unplugged song, where the acts are stripped down and left with nothing to do but sing on The X Factor 2012. Emblem 3 makes all the girls go crazy, so check out their The X Factor Season 2Top 6 performances below.

For the first song, the boys played a guitar and took on Bruno Mars in “Just The Way You Are.” It was acoustic and all it did was prove to me why I have been falling more and more out of love with these guys every week. I think they want to be and Simon Cowell wants them to be another One Direction, but they non-brother is too creepy to be in a boy band. I think this was alright, but nothing special and they aren’t the greatest singers. Check it out here:

The second song was picked by America, so I can’t complain about the song choice, but ti did suck. They sang “Forever Young” by Alphaville. The song never went anywhere for me and I sat here waiting and waiting for something big to happen and it never did. Drew sucked it up in both songs and proved why the brothers should leave him in the dust and become Emblem 2. Check it out here:

Would you vote for Emblem 3 on The X Factor Season 2?

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