CeCe Frey has had one big rollercoaster of a ride on The X Factor Season 2. She has been in the bottom two most of The X Factor USA 2012, but has made the cut a couple times, The judges have saved her many times and now here she is in The X Factor 2012 Top 6. She sang two more songs tonight in hopes of winning over your votes and making The X Factor Season 2 Top 4. You can check out CeCe Frey perform below during The X Factor Season 2 Top 6 performances.

For the first song, CeCe Frey does an acoustic version of “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. There was a time in this season that I did like CeCe and this was the reason why. I think she nails this performance and is a class act during it. She sounds great and I think it is good to just hear these singers sing and not have all the production going on around them on The X Factor Season 2. Check out her performance here:

The second song on The X Factor USA was chosen by America and it is “Part Of Me” by Katy Perry. CeCe has a little Katy Perry in her voice and that shows during this performance. She was very confident on the stage and had the sass that I used to hate, but then she lost during this competition. It was fun to watch and I am loving what CeCe did tonight. Anyone else? Check out her second performance on The X Factor 2012 right here:

Would you vote for CeCe Frey on The X Factor Season 2?

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