TessWe only got a glimpse of the talent that is about to take over The Voice USA Season 5 and we have more blind auditions tonight during premiere week on The Voice USA 2013! NBC is pulling out no stops for this season and the return of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. They have fit nicely back into those red chairs and Christina lost some weight and seems to have become nicer because of it? She is focused on winning and on the singers and not the side-drama and bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 5! Watch even more blind auditions with us tonight during our The Voice USA Season Live Recap!

The Voice - Season 5

There were some talented singers that took the stage last night on The Voice USA 2013, including Donna AllenShe is 54 years old and put her singing career on hold to raise her son. He is grown and now she is ready to prove a singer over 40 can win The Voice. As strong as her voice is, I believe her!

The talent can only get better. We ended Night 1 of the Blind Auditions on The Voice 2013 Season 5 with Team Adam having three artists, Team Christina and Team Cee Lo with two artists and Team Blake with one artist. That means tonight will be all about Team Blake and adding some singers to his new team and trying to win his fourth season in a row! Can he do it? Watch him try and find new talent in our Live Recap starting soon!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2013 Season 5 Blind Auditions for Night 2. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Here we go…are we loving having Christina and Cee Lo back or do you miss Usher and Shakira? The first singer is Jacquie Lee and she is 16 years old and started singing when she was 11. She does a lot of sports, but loves singing for charities. She has a very strong voice and mature voice for someone 16 years old. The coaches are close to hitting their buttons, but it takes the big note at the end to get Blake and Christina to turn around! Blake said she came to win this show and he wants to be the coach to help her win the show. Christina said Blake is bored with winning and she is hungry for a win, but Blake said he specializes in 16 year old girls winning this show! It is all down to Jacqui and she joins Team Christina!

Barry Black is hoping to bring some culture to The Voice 2013 Season 5. His family moved to America when he was five years old and worked in his family’s hotel business. He realized that wasn’t for him and he wanted to pursue music, so locked himself in his room and taught himself how to play guitar! He plays the horn with his voice and it gets Adam intrigued and he turns his chair around right away. He has a very smooth-sounding voice and gets Blake to join him. Adam said he is weird and wonderful and Blake said he is desperate for this guy. This was a funny exchange and Barry is very likable and goes with Team Adam!

Mike Unser is trying to change an unfortunate past into a bright future. He loves alternative rock and he gets to express himself through that. He had some issues with his stepdad and not wanting him to be a part of his life and Mike just wanted to runaway. He turned that around now and realizes how much his stepdad gave up for him. He now sings with a youth ministry and wants to use his music in a positive light. He has a good rocker voice and has such strong stage presence, but none of the coaches of feeling it and none of them hit their buttons! He has a great attitude and the coaches tell him he should definitely come back!

The next artist on The Voice USA Season 5 is Destinee Quinn and she is a singer and working all those crappy gigs, like biker bars! She is trying ti impress people all the time and get them to pay attention, so she thinks this is practice for The Voice. She is a country singer and won a contest to sing with Alice Cooper and gets a special message from him before her audition! She has a great country voice and can hit some big notes and gets Christina to turn right around and Cee Lo joins her later, but no Blake Shelton? They both fight for her and Christina really wants her on her team and is begging and it works, as Destinee picks Team Christina!

Cole Vosbury comes from a musical family, as his father and grandmother have both been in the music business. She claims to be the only woman to ever turn down Elvis Presley. She was not impressed with him at first! He sings The Jeffersons theme song and I am loving it! He has a very soulful voice and Cee Lo is the only one to turn around and I think they are a perfect fit for The Voice 2013!

We now have Holly Henry, who got into the University of Minnesota but could not go because she couldn’t afford it. She now works at a pancake house. She has always had a love for music and writes her own songs. She is beyond nervous and doesn’t perform for groups, but her parents signed her up and here she is! She has an amazing voice and Blake hits his button within two words! The rest of the coaches join in as she keeps singing and Blake is not happy! Blake said because of her he is officially excited for Season 5. All four coaches want this girl and we could see an early frontrunner on The Voice 2013 Season 5??? It comes down to Holly and she picks Team Blake! He won her over with the singer/songwriter comment and turning around right away!

Sammy C. is 16 years old and is a hip hop artist. He was diagnosed with alopecia, which is a disease that attacks the hair follicles. He used music to get him through the bullying, but here he is and it doesn’t seem like he let the bullying get to him. This is the kind of story and guy you want to root for. He has a good voice, but the coaches didn’t get that note that won them over and no chairs turned around. Cee Lo Green told him he sounded like a duo and a rapper and a vocalist and he needs to take one of those crafts and master it. He is young, so he has time to master it!

Now a look at some blind auditions on The Voice Season 5 that did not get any chairs to turn around. Again, even the bad auditions on this show are still good singers and that is why I love it!

Austin Jenckes grew up around music with his Dad. At 16 years old, his Dad took his own life and didn’t realize how much love people had for him. Austin used music to help himself get through it and the emotions come out through the lyrics. He sings “Simple Man” and it was a song his Dad taught him when he was 10 years old. He has such a strong voice and such control of his voice and you can feel those emotions. He gets Cee Lo and Blake to turn around. Austin said he is a country/folk artist and Blake said perfect! Cee Lo said he sounded confident up there. Austin joins Team Blake, so no shocker there!

E.G. Daily is 51 years old and is a voiceover actor. She has been in TV shows and movies as an actress, but a ton of movies for voiceover. She now wants to tap into her musical side of things. She used to do coffee shops and open mics, but then became a Mom and focused on that and now this is her last chance to make it. She has a rasp to her voice that I love. She is a great singer and gets Blake and Cee Lo to turn around. They try to get her to join Team Cee Lo, but she picks Team Blake!

Jonny Gray is a full-time musician and how he pays his bills, but he wants to be on a grander scale. He joined the Air Force when he was 18 years old because he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He said he saw some terrible things overseas and he tries to lock up those memories. He says he would love to work with Adam on The Voice USA Season 5, but will he hit his button for Jonny? I am loving his voice and so was Cee Lo, as he turned around first. Adam joins him shortly after and this seems like a done deal, right? Cee Lo said they are soul brothers and said some amazing things, so it won him over and Jonny joins Team Cee Lo shockingly!

Tessanne Chin is from Jamaica and is the final artist of the night on The Voice 2013 Season 5. She sang backup for one of Jamaica’s biggest reggae singers and is now wanting to break out on her own. She takes on a Pink song and I am in love. Love this song and love her voice. All four coaches hit their buttons and we have a battle on our hands. Cee Lo said she sang that song like a grown woman. Adam said she could easily win this season. I am liking this woman right now and she has a good vibe about her, which I like. She wants to become a better vocalist and evolve and she thinks Team Adam can help her with that!

Night 2 of The Voice Season 5 blind auditions are done and we have Team Adam with five artists and Team Christina, Team Cee Lo and Team Blake all with four artists each. Who was your favorite of the night?

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