The Voice USA Season 4 is moving along way too fast for me, as we are now watching the Top 8 on The Voice 2013 perform for us tonight, which is just too few many singers! The new coaches on The Voice Season 4 (Usher and Shakira) have each lost a singer during the first two weeks of eliminations on The Voice USA 2013 and are both down to just one singer remaining! Watch with us tonight during our The Voice USA Season 4 Top 8 Performances Spoilers Live Recap and see how well the Top 8 do!

The Voice - Season 4

I find it shocking that a singer from Team Usher and Team Shakira have gone home each week. Do you think they just had the worst singers or more love for the old coaches (Adam Levine and Blake Shelton)? Either way, both of the coaches only have one singer to work with this week on The Voice 2013 Season 4, thanks to the elimination results last week.

To fill up the two hours on The Voice USA Season 4 tonight, we also will see coach Blake Shelton take to the stage to perform his latest single “Boys ‘Round Here” for the live audience. It will be a good night of singing, so relax after your holiday weekend and watch with us during our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on The Voice 2013 Top 8 Performances Spoilers Live Recap or see the videos of their performances? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…things kick off with the performance by Blake Shelton. He sings “Boys ‘Round Here” and who does not love them some Blake Shelton? Then some words from the coaches, including Usher joining the Michelle Chamuel army and brings out the black, thick-rimmed glasses! Blake said that Usher is hot even in those glasses.

Judith Hill (Team Adam) – “#thatPOWER” by

She said she would be in Tokyo working with kids right now, if not on The Voice. Adam was surprised and shocked by this song choice, but Judith wanted to show off her own musical side of things. They do it up big time with this performance. Her looks is awesome, her hair is crazy and he vocals are amazing. This is a totally different version of a popular song right now. Adam Levine had a smile on his face the whole performance, so he approved! This was a great performance and Judith just showed she is in it to win it!

Holly Tucker (Team Blake) – “Done” by The Band Perry

Blake loves this choice by Holly and this is the perfect time for her to show a different side of her. He tells her not to get so pretty with it. Holly has that sweet, nice, girl-next-door look to her and this song did not work for her. She looked awkward in parts and it just seemed like she was trying to put this act on, that clearly wasn’t her thing. She can sing, but it started rough for me. I think her nerves worked themselves away by the end of the performance though. Your thoughts?

A special performance from Judith Hill, Sasha Allen, Michelle Chamuel and Sarah Simmons. They perform “Diamonds” by Rihanna. A great break and I love Sarah’s voice!

The Swon Brothers (Team Blake) – “Seven Bridges Road” by The Eagles

These are the only guys left on The Voice USA Season 4. They are singing for Oklahoma. Blake thinks they are the modern day Eagles, but either one of them could throw each other off. They are singing by the campfire tonight and I think this is a good performance and they harmonize very well together. I think this will appeal to their fan base big time and will get some votes tonight!

Sasha Allen (Team Shakira) – “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher

This is the final singer left on Team Shakira and she is hoping that Usher will like the twist she puts on it. She is going to put a connection to her fiance with this song. I think Sasha can have an amazing voice on certain songs and with the right song choice…this wasn’t it for me. It may show a different side to her, but I think she needs to establish a bigger fan base first on The Voice 2013. Right?

Sarah Simmons (Team Adam) – “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye

Adam said this song is a song that has been gone for a little bit, so she can make it reborn again. He said she needs to go places within her heart and be vulnerable and show the words. I just love Sarah’s voice. She has this rasp and screaming ability, but it totally works. I love this song and she sounds great on it. She is one of my faves this season!

Another special performance, as Team Blake is joined by Amber Carrington to perform “Something More” by Sugarland. More country loving on The Voice 2013 Season 4. They do a good job!

Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher) – “Grenade” by Bruno Mars

Usher said what if they take away all the instruments and make her the loudest instrument out there. Tear away all the extra elements that could get in the way and she can make this huge. What Michelle does is get on that stage and show all her emotions when she sings. She has a good voice, but the way she sings the emotions in the lyrics is amazing. I am a huge fan. Are you?

Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake) – “Grandpa” by The Judds

Blake thinks this song can show that Danielle is not just a teenager up there singing, but she can connect with the lyric. I love Danielle and think she has an amazing voice, but I think Blake is going to regret this song choice tonight. She didn’t connect with the lyrics and I feel her fan base is not going to connect with it. I was bored with her tonight and I have not said that all season! What did you think?

Amber Carrington (Team Adam) – “Skyfall” by Adele

Amber is not too happy with this song choice and people giving her a hard time for taking on an Adele song. Adam thinks it is a moment she can have and she has to be dramatic with it. I think Amber has a good voice and she does a good job taking on this song, but I think she was right. People are going to compare her to Adele and no one wants that! She missed what Adele brings to the song.

That’s it for tonight, so who was your favorite performer tonight on The Voice 2013 Top 8?

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