One of the more silent contenders on The Voice USA Season 4 has been Holly Tucker on Team Blake, who seems to be quietly moving along and gaining more and more support as the weeks go by on The Voice 2013. Many counted her out weeks ago, including myself, but her gospel performance won many people over and here she is on the Top 6 on The Voice Season 4. Check out the Holly Tucker performances last night in our The Voice USA Season 4 spoilers videos below!

The Voice - Season 4

First Song: “When God=Fearin’ Women Get The Blues” by Martina McBride

Blake Shelton wanted to keep the momentum going from the attitude-driven performance last week of The Band Perry song (which I wasn’t a fan of), so he picked this Martina McBride song for Holly. I liked this one so much better and I feel she hit some great notes and her tone was very good for this song. It was a good start to the night, but why does Holly Tucker always seem to go first?

Second Song” “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

She dedicated this song to her parents, who have always been her biggest fans. She had the emotions going during her performance, but for me it was a little lame in parts, but then really good in other parts. I am torn with Holly, but I think she will be safe for one more week.

What did you think of the performances from Holly Tucker on The Voice Season 4 last night?

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