The Voice Top 12 will be putting it all on the line tonight on The Voice USA 2016, as the teams don’t matter anymore and it is every artist for themselves when it comes to voting on The Voice USA Season 11! To help them out, Garth Brooks will be in attendance tonight to serve as a mentor for the Top 12 on The Voice Season 11! Check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2016 Recap and see the Voice Top 12 perform for your votes!

The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers - Voice Top 12 Performances Recap

Last week on The Voice 2016 Season 11, NBC had to jam everything into one night of action for the Voice Playoffs thanks to the elections on Tuesday night. Because of that, we had live voting on The Voice USA Season 11 for the first time ever and we had a very quick night, as we had 20 performances to get through! While we did see some pretty awesome performances, including Christian Cuevas on Team Alicia, we also didn’t get to learn more about the Voice Top 20 and get feedback from the coaches, which I did not like. In the end, the Voice Top 12 was formed and eight artists headed home!

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The fun and the live shows begin soon, so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the performances when available from NBC!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Voice USA 2016 Top 12 Performances Recap or see the performance videos of the Top 12 on The Voice Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…voting is now open for all the artists, so you can vote already! Now on to the Top 12 performances!

Sundance Head – Team Blake – “My Church”

He said he recently had a flood and lost everything. Blake said this is a big risk, as she is taking on a female song that is popular right now. It’s very cool seeing him work with Garth Brooks on this one during rehearsals. This one is called “My Church” and Sundance just took us to church! There was so much soul in this performance and he was feeling the lyrics and I loved it and the ending gave me goosebumps.

Darby Walker – Team Miley – “Ruby Tuesday”

This was Miley’s save during the Voice Playoffs. Garth said she stole his heart and she is where they were all when they started out and wanted to be in this business. I definitely can feel more from her in this performance. I love her voice and it works so well with this song choice, as I wasn’t feeling her last week on The Voice USA 2015. She improved tremendously this week!

Christian Cuevas – Team Alicia – “The Scientist”

He talks about doing interviews and loving this process. He said he is singing this song for his girlfriend. Garth said he has a voice that would not expect out of him and he has a voice that is just effortless. The thing with Christian is he always sings with so much emotion and makes you feel the lyrics. He was having fun on that stage tonight and showed off a very good voice.

Sa’Rayah – Team Alicia – “Livin’ On A Prayer”

Garth said hearing a female singing this song takes it to a whole new place. Alicia said it is all about the delivery. She changed up her hair tonight and I am liking it. She has such a weird delivery and it annoys me at times, but then she nails it at other times. She gets this like shaky face. She hits some big notes along the way and she ends on a high.

Billy Gilman – Team Adam – ” The Show Must Go On”

Garth said the world is going to wake up and see this guy is a major competitor. Adam said he has a real shot of winning this thing. The thing with Billy is he may start slow, but he is going to end with an amazing finish. This has a huge buildup and he hits some huge notes at the end and this was amazing!

Austin Allsup – Team Blake – “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man”

Blake said this is a challenging song for Austin, as the vocal is challenging. Garth said his future is however he wants to write it. Austin said America has not heard it done this way before. To be honest, this sounded better in the rehearsals! I thought he sounded good then and not that he sounded bad tonight, but it had a different vibe then and it seemed different tonight on The Voice USA 2016!

Wé McDonald – Team Alicia – “Take Me To Church”

Ellen DeGeneres talked about Wé on her show, which she was loving. Garth said he has never been blown away by someone with such a different talking and singing voice. I think this song choice is perfect for her voice. She got some extensions this week, so work it girl. I do love this performance and like how she worked it out on the stage, but the music seemed to overpower at times. She was going deep for some of those notes and feeling it!

Aaron Gibson – Team Miley – “Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings”

Aaron said he picked this song because he is all about picking songs that have not been done on the show before. I do love the tone of Aaron’s voice. He has this deep, raspiness to it. He definitely has the rock vibe going for him, which seems so odd seeing him. I am not sure about his song choice, but maybe being different, people will be buying it?

Courtney Harrell – Team Blake – “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

Garth said she is singing this one to her baby, so make it a love song and she loved it! I think she looks beautiful tonight and I am loving the whole outfit. She has a good voice, but it is not working on this song for me right now. She works it out at the end and hits some strong notes.

Josh Gallagher – Team Adam – “Why”

In between the Voice Knockouts and live shows, he went home and got married. Adam said he is best when he is singing with little distraction, so he wants it stripped down. Garth said the world is going to be listening to him for a while, as he is going to be around. I think he sounds great when he is singing the lower notes. He sounds a little nasally when he goes for the higher notes though. He has a very strong finish to the song.

Ali Caldwell – Team Miley – “Did I Ever Love You”

Garth said it is a true star when someone can take a song and sing it for the first time and make you feel it. She struggled in rehearsals, but Miley said if she has a base, she will practice a ton and get this. I am loving the hair and dress tonight. Ali can sing and she can sing anything and sound amazing. She sounded amazing on this one and she can hit those big notes with ease. This was a great performance!

Brendan Fletcher – Team Adam – “Whipping Post”

This was Adam’s save last week on The Voice USA Season 11! He said he used to be in a metal band to let things out and this song is going to allow him to do that too. I have always loved Brendan’s voice, but he always seems to be holding back. He seemed to be hold nothing back tonight. He let it all go and it sounded great, so a good song choice tonight!

The performances are done for tonight on The Voice USA 2016! Who are you voting for?

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