We are waiting for the Voice Results tonight, as the Voice Top 12 find out how much America loves them on The Voice USA 2016! We have the Voice Save back too, so get ready to instant save someone on The Voice USA Season 11 by voting on Twitter! Watch with us tonight and get ready to use the Voice Save during our The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers Top 12 Elimination Results Recap and see who went home on The Voice USA 2016 tonight!

The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers - Voice Top 12 Results

Last night on The Voice 2016 Season 11, we saw the Voice Top 12 take the stage and perform for your votes. It was cool seeing them get a mentoring session with Garth Brooks and he seemed to enjoy it too! We had some great performances along the way and it was an enjoyable night. Christian Cuevas did another outstanding job and he seems to be a fan favorite, as his video on The Voice YouTube page was one of the most viewed performances.

Who is going home tonight on The Voice Season 11? We love all twelve singers, so it is tough to see any of them go home on The Voice 2016! I still made my predictions earlier, so check them out while we wait for the recap to start!


Don’t want to know what happened on The Voice 2016 Top 12 Elimination Results Recap or see who was voted off The Voice Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we find out the Alicia Keys will perform a new single tonight. Miley and Adam will also be performing with their teams tonight. Carson is not messing around, as the Voice Top 12 come out for the first Voice Results! The first three artists safe tonight are:

  • Ali Caldwell – Team Miley
  • We McDonald – Team Alicia
  • Brendan Fletcher – Team Adam

We now have Adam Levine joining his team (Brendan Fletcher, Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher) to sing “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. This is a good choice for them and they all sounded good on it. Adam definitely has some strong male singers on his team, huh? More Voice Results, as the next two artists safe are:

  • Courtney Harrell – Team Blake
  • Billy Gilman – Team Adam

Jordan Smith will be back next week and you can vote for what song off his new Christmas album he sings. Now we get a performance by Alicia Keys, as she starts out singing “Blended Family” and then stops. She said she was supposed to perform that, but feels that singing “Holy War” is more appropriate for the climate we are currently in (and I totally agree)! Such a powerful song and she is an amazing singer! Adam joined her on the stage playing the guitar.

It looks like some fans of Miley and Alicia got to experience The Voice USA 2016 behind the scenes and then got surprise visits from the coaches, which was so cool! Back to the Voice Results and the next two artists safe are:

  • Darby Walker – Team Miley
  • Austin Allsup – Team Blake

Before we get to more results, Miley Cyrus joins Team Miley (Darby Walker, Ali Caldwell and Aaron Gibson) to sing “There’ll Always Be Music” and I am not sure about this one. They all have such different styles of singing, so finding a song for them all to excel is hard.

Now we find out the next three artists safe tonight, which gives us the bottom two competing for the Voice Save. The three artists safe are:

  • Christian Cuevas – Team Alicia
  • Josh Gallagher – Team Adam
  • Sundance Head – Team Blake

That means Sa’Rayah and Aaron Gibson will be signing for the Voice Save next!

Now time for the Voice Save performances and Sa’Rayah is up first singing “Rock Steady” and I loved this performance! She was working that stage and dancing and having a good time. Her voice sounded great and I really enjoyed it! Aaron is up next and he sings “Lego House” and I am just not feeling it from him tonight. I like when he did the quick riffs in there though. However, I was just feeling more from Sa’Rayah on this one.

The Voice Save is now open, so time to tweet!

We get the final words from Sa’Rayah and Aaron and then some final words from their coaches. The Voice Save window is closed and the Voice Results are in! The Voice Save goes to Aaron, which means that Sa’Rayah has been eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on The Voice 2016 Season 11 tonight?

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