Get those voting fingers ready for tonight on The Voice USA 2016, as the Voice Playoffs are taking place and we have the Top 20 on The Voice USA Season 11 performing for our live votes. When all is said and done, Carson Daly will have sent eight artists home and your Voice Top 12 will be in place. Come check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2016 spoilers and see who got eliminated on The Voice USA 2016 tonight!

The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers - Voice Playoffs Recap

Last week on The Voice 2016 Season 11, we wrapped up the Voice Knockouts on Monday Night, as the final match-ups took place! We got to see a pretty good matchup between Darby Walker and Maye Thomas on Team Miley, as they both have very similar voices. Alicia Keys had the final steal of the season and she gladly used it on Josh Halverson and bringing him back to Team Alicia. On Tuesday night, we had the Road to the Live Shows special and a chance to look back at the Voice Top 20 and their journeys to the live shows this week.

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The fun and the playoffs begin soon (and you don’t have to be ACLS certified to watch), so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the Voice Playoffs when available from NBC! Before it gets started, check out our predictions for tonight!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2016 Season 11 Playoffs. Don’t want to see them yet or see who went home on The Voice Season 11 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go….we have live voting on The Voice app and on Twitter, as @NBCTheVoice will tweet out one tweet per artist and retweeting that tweet will count as a vote! Now to the performances!


Christian Cuevas – “Yesterday”

I have been a big fan of Christian this season and think he shows so much emotion when singing. This was no exception, so he makes you feel the lyrics he is singing. He has a good range and his voice is just so sweet and pure!

Kylie Rothfield – “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

I think she shined during the Voice Knockouts, so I was interested in hearing her tonight. She had that rocker vibe going on with this song and it works really well with her voice. She is a great performer and was very confident on that stage!

Wé McDonald – “Home”

I felt like she was going to be a disappointment after that blind audition, but she continues to shine. She picks great songs and they work so well with her voice. She has such a strong voice and she is a good performer and hits some good notes along the way.

Josh Halverson – “Cupid”

He showed off his great voice and soul during the Voice Knockouts. It is great how he can take on a song and put a whole new twist on it. This is such a famous song, but he totally puts his own twist on it and I am digging it!

Sa’Rayah – “I’d Rather Go Blind”

I think she has a great voice and such strong range. Maybe I am still bitter about Alicia picking her over Michael Sanchez or something, but there is something about her that annoys me when she sings. It seems like she is trying to hard and it is natural. The notes she hits are amazing though, but it seems forced.

Voting is now closed for Team Alicia and now moving on to a new team!


Dana Harper – “Maneater”

I just find it to be amazing when Dana sings. Her voice is so smooth and easy. She can hit those low notes for sure. It just seems so effortless for her. I loved the beginning of this one, but when it kicked in, I was not a huge fan of it. Stay slow, Dana!

Austin Allsup – “I Ain’t Living Long Like This” 

It seemed like he was having some issues with his earpiece to start the song. The song did start slow, but once he seemed to take care of that, he kicked it in and this was a great performance on The Voice USA 2016! His voice is strong and Blake loves his country singers, so he should be good tonight!

Jason Warrior – “One Dance”

I think Jason is totally different for Team Blake and I have loved his voice, but he tried too much with this song choice tonight. He is trying to be a current pop artist and his voice has been soul all season long. I got none of that from him tonight and that is too bad!

Sundance Head – “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

This one had a weird start to me. It seemed rushed and I didn’t know what was going on. It calmed down a little bit, but I was not a fan of this song choice for him. I am not sure of the original and I just didn’t get the normal connection for him. I like Sundance, but not on this one!

Courtney Harrell – “Must’ve Been Love”

Who is picking the song choices for these artists tonight? I feel they are doing it and all lost! I think Courtney has an amazing voice, but there are no other song choices for her? I think she still shows off good range on this song and hits some great notes along the way, but does seem to be screaming in parts and that annoys me.

Team Blake is done and now for the first Voice Results of the night, as Team Alicia takes the stage! Here we go:

  • America’s Saves: Christian Cuevas and Wé McDonald
  • Alicia’s Save: Sa’Rayah
  • Eliminated: Josh Halverson and Kylie Rothfield

Voting is now closed for Team Blake, so now time to move on to Team Miley and voting for them is open now!


Sophia Urista – “Do You Think I’m Sexy”

To be honest, this seems like a weird song choice, but she totally makes it work. She has this weird tone to her voice and it totally works with it and almost like Rod Stewart. She has the weird vibe going on and I love it. I am definitely a fan of this performance tonight.

Darby Walker – “Those Were The Days”

Darby definitely has her own style and it totally works with Team Miley. There are times that this song just annoys me, but then other times that she sounds great. She was having fun up there, but the high notes seems to be giving her issues.

Aaron Gibson – “Round Here”

It seems that I like a lot of the artists on Team Miley, huh? Aaron has such a deep and raspy voice and you wouldn’t expect that from him. He shows off that rasp and is getting into it, but it is kind of a blah song for him.

Belle Jewel – “Runaway”

She definitely gives that old school vibe with her singing voice. She has a style that Miley loves, but this just seemed like a karaoke performance to me. Nothing special with the vocals and I was a little sad with the whole performance. Disappointing.

Ali Caldwell – “Times Have Changed”

When you can sing, you can sing anything and it will sound amazing. I have not heard this song before and Ali just knocked it out of the park. They say she may have the best singing voice on The Voice Season 11 and she just proved that. She was feeling those lyrics and this was definitely one of the best performances of the night, no doubt about it!

Team Miley is done and voting is now closed! Team Blake takes the stage and time for some more Voice Results:

  • America’s Saves: Sundance Head and Austin Allsup
  • Blake’s Save: Courtney Harrell
  • Eliminated: Dana Harper and Jason Warrior

No time for breaks, as we are now moving on to Team Adam and voting is now open for them on The Voice USA 2016!


Brendan Fletcher – “To Love Somebody”

I want to root for him, but he needs to break down those walls and be free on that stage! His voice is so good and how raspy it is. He picks great song choices and this was another one. Adam definitely loves him and I think this performance will keep him around tonight!

Simone Gundy – “Diamonds”

This is such a tough song choice, as many have sung it and done an amazing job with it. Rihanna nailed it and it might have been too big of a song choice for Simone. She hits some good notes along the way, but she will get compared to the original and other performers and I did not see anything different or special.

Josh Gallagher – “Colder Weather”

He looks so different without that ball cap on his head, huh? Adam always wants a strong country singer on his team and glad to steal Josh away from Team Blake during the Voice Knockouts. He is a strong country singer and he does a very good job with this song choice.

Riley Elmore – “Luck Be A Lady”

Hearing this song choice, I thought he was doing well! This is his style and it’s crazy to think he is only 16 years old. I want to root for him and think he is cute and a sweet guy, but should that win? He has fun and is working that stage, but I don’t think he is strong enough to move on tonight!

Billy Gilman – “Crying”

I am curious to see how voting goes for Billy, as he was a child country star and had “his chance” according to people, so would it affect his voting results??? I love the start of this song and how it is just him singing. He has a very strong voice and I think he shines on this song. He hits some big notes and he is so good!

Team Adam is done and now time for more Voice Results! Team Miley is on the stage and here we go:

  • America’s Saves – Aaron Gibson and Ali Caldwell
  • Miley’s Save – Darby Walker
  • Eliminated – Belle Jewel and Sophia Urista

Voting is closed for Team Adam and now time for the final Voice Results of the season:

  • America’s Saves – Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher
  • Adam’s Save – Brendan Fletcher
  • Eliminated – Riley Elmore and Simone Gundy

What do you think of the results on The Voice Season 11 tonight?

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