Are we ready for the Voice Playoffs tonight on The Voice USA 2016? It’s crazy to think that we start voting for our favorite artists on The Voice Season 11 tonight and NBC is letting us vote live tonight, as the Voice Top 20 becomes the Voice Top 12! So, who is voted off tonight on The Voice 2016 Season 11? Check out our thoughts below in our The Voice USA 2016 predictions for the Voice Top 20!

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The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers - Voice Playoffs Predictions - Voice Top 20

Last week on The Voice 2016 Season 11, we wrapped up the Voice Knockouts on Monday Night, as the final match-ups took place! We got to see a pretty good matchup between Darby Walker and Maye Thomas on Team Miley, as they both have very similar voices. Alicia Keys had the final steal of the season and she gladly used it on Josh Halverson and bringing him back to Team Alicia. On Tuesday night, we had the Road to the Live Shows special and a chance to look back at the Voice Top 20 and their journeys to the live shows this week.

For tonight, America will vote live and save two artists from each team. Then the coaches get to save one of the remaining three artists on their team. So, the Voice Top 12 will be named and two artists from each team will go home, as the election tomorrow won’t allow for a Voice Results show! We are taking our gambling online and here are our thoughts for each team:


  • America’s Saves – Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher
  • Adam’s Save – Riley Elmore
  • Eliminated – Simone Gundy and Brendan Fletcher


  • America’s Saves – Wé McDonald and Christian Cuevas
  • Alicia’s Save – Josh Halverson
  • Eliminated – Sa’Rayah and Kylie Rothfield


  • America’s Saves – Austin Allsup and Sundance Head
  • Blake’s Save – Courtney Harrell
  • Eliminated – Jason Warrior and Dana Harper


  • America’s Saves – Aaron Gibson and Darby Walker
  • Miley’s Save – Ali Caldwell
  • Eliminated – Belle Jewel and Sophia Urista

Who do you think is going home tonight on The Voice USA 2016?

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