We definitely saw the winner of The Voice USA 2015 last night, as it seemed like Sawyer Fredericks locked up his chances of winning this season with two amazing performances on The Voice USA Season 8 last night! Both songs have to end up in the Top 10 on iTunes, right??? This is the Sawyer that I grew to love at the beginning of the season and he officially won me back over after a couple so-so week on The Voice 2015! Check out the Sawyer Fredericks performances on The Voice Season 8 last night below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Top 6 - Sawyer Fredericks

For his first performance, he sings “Shine On.” This is what Sawyer does best. He takes a song that not many of us know and he nails it. This was a subdue song and he did such a good job with it and he is winning me back folks!

Check out the performance here:

For his second performance, he sings “Take Me To The River” by Talking Heads. Well, well, well! It looks like Sawyer was coming to win it all tonight, huh? It was so good to see him put that guitar down and have a little fun up there. This was a great song choice and he sounded so good on it. I think he officially won me back tonight, as he had two great performances!

Check out the second performance here:

Check out more photos of Sawyer’s performances on The Voice USA 2015 last night here:

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Do you think Sawyer will be safe tonight on The Voice USA Season 8?

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