We have seen some amazing singers on The Voice USA 2015 and the Blinds Continue on The Voice USA Season 8 last night, as the coaches on The Voice 2015 were looking to add singers to their teams. One of those singers was Travis Ewing, who definitely should win over some votes along the way for his looks! Check out the Travis Ewing performance on The Voice Season 8 last night below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Blinds Continue - Travis Ewing

He is a full-time musician and plays over town as a one-man band in New Orleans and he plays all these instruments on his own! He was inspired by a teacher in school to sing and he hasn’t spoken to her in like ten years, but gets a special video message from her, which is cool to see! He is one sexy fella and sings a Destiny’s Child song and it is kind of hot! He gets Christina to hit her button right away, but Pharrell and Blake join her eventually.

Christina Aguilera thinks he’s amazing and thinks it’s really cool that he did his own arrangement. Blake Shelton says he’s had a lot of success working with singers that have nothing in common with him and he’s just there to help it be the best. Pharrell Williams says he turned around last because he was so busy listening and wants a shot at helping Travis with his vision. It looks like he’ll get it, as Travis picks to join Team Pharrell!

Check out the Travis Ewing blind audition here:

Do you think Travis Ewing will be the winner of The Voice USA Season 8?

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