It was the beginning of the Voice Knockouts last night, as the artists took each other know for a spot in the Live Playoffs on The Voice USA 2015! Blake Shelton had his first matchup of the night, as he put Sarah Potenza against Brian Johnson on The Voice USA Season 8! This was a good one and Sarah blew me away with her performance. Check out the battle from The Voice Season 8 last night below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

The Voice - Season 8

Brian sings first and sings “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” and he is a solid performer. His voice is very good, but is there anything that makes it stand out in a crowd of singers? I am not sure, but I do like him. Sarah sings “Wasted Love” and I am excited for this performance. Yeah, she just gave me chills with this one! There is so much emotion behind this performance and she nails the performance and lyrics and I love her voice! She normally has the big voice, but she showed such control on this song at times.

Christina Aguilera said Brian had a lot of energy, and that Sarah is living when she sings. Pharrell Williams said he loves Brian’s ad-libs and thought Sarah’s best moments were the quieter ones. Adam Levine said he thinks Sarah did great with his former contestants’ song and that it was totally equal. Blake thinks it makes total sense that Brian would wanna go the James Morrison route and how Sarah distanced herself from the Matt McAndrew version. In the end, Blake picks Sarah as the winner and Adam steals Brian away!

Check out photos of their battle on The Voice USA 2015 last night here:

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And now check out the videos of their battle here:

What do you think of the coaches’ decisions last night on The Voice USA 2015?

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