We saw the Voice Premiere week wrap up last night, as Adam Levine was trying to get his first singer on The Voice USA 2015. That was the focus for a while, as he kept being denied over and over again on The Voice USA Season 8. Brooke Adee took the stage last night and Adam hit his button, yet again, and was hoping that she would join Team Adam on The Voice 2015! Would it happen though? You can find out by checking out the Brooke Adee blind audition on The Voice Season 8 last night below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Brooke Adee Blind Audition

When she was six years old, she saw Annie with her Dad and has been singing ever since. She said she loves tips, which made me giggle. Sure, she was talking about singing at an Italian restaurant, but still! She may be 16 years old, but she has such a strong and solid voice. Very composed up there and mature. She gets Blake and Adam to turn around and Blake worked the audience to cheer for him if the two of them were the only ones to turn around!

It worked, as Brooke picks to join Team Blake on The Voice USA 2015! Blake was beyond excited to pick up Brooke for Season 8, as he said he could coast the rest of the way until Brooke made the finale!

Check out the Brooke Adee blind audition here:

Do you think Brooke Adee will be the winner of The Voice USA Season 8?

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