Night 2 of the Voice Premiere starts soon on NBC, as the coaches on The Voice USA 2015 continue their search to fill their teams on The Voice Season 9! We had a strong start to the season last night, so will the artists continue to impress tonight on The Voice 2015? I think they will, but will find out below in our The Voice USA 2015 Recap as the blind auditions on The Voice USA Season 9 continue!

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Premiere Night 2 Recap

Last night on The Voice 2015 Season 9, we welcomed back Gwen Stefani for Season 9 and then kicked things off in the normal way: the coaches all taking the stage and performing together! It was a fun performance, as they all took on songs of the other coaches. From there, we moved into the blind auditions and we started and ended the night with four chair turnarounds. Isn’t that how it always works out??? There were some amazing performances along the way, including Siahna Im. She is only 15 years old and sounded so mature with her voice. She joined Team Pharrell and it should be a matchup to watch this season! How many more singers will make a team tonight on The Voice USA 2015?

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 9 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 9 Premiere Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Blind Joe – He was born three months premature and was 98% not supposed to survive, but here he is! His retinas did not attach, so he is blind and said this is a true blind audition and seems to have an amazing sense of humor! He has a great country voice and he is the type you want to root for. Was his voice worthy of a four-chair turnaround? I am not sure, but he definitely did!

RESULTS – This was a given, as Blind Joe picks to join Team Blake!

Ivonne Acero – She was here for Season 8, but did not get a chair to turnaround. However, she has been working hard since then and hoping for a chair this season! I am loving her voice and she has that indie sound to it. She is young and can only get better! She gets Pharrell and Gwen to hit the button right away. Last time, Blake said he would turn around for her and didn’t and she gives him crap for it, which I love!

RESULTS – Ivonne picks to join Team Pharrell!

Gage Navarro – He started singing because he heard girls like guys that can sing! We hear the sob story about his family and their golf course and this being his last chance. He sounds very good singing and he has a cool vibe about him.

RESULTS – Despite the cool vibe, none of the coaches hit their button for him and Gage is headed home on The Voice USA 2015.

Regina Love – She has made it on the radio, but not as a singer! She is a radio show host and has her own show in Atlanta! She had a recording contract with a record label owned by Evander Holyfield! Um, when did he have a record label??? It folded within five years and she is back for a second chance at 51 years old! She gives it her everything and I just love her. She is a great singer and she has great stage presence and gets Adam and Blake to hit their buttons!

RESULTS – Regina picks to join Team Adam!

Zach Seabaugh – He is 16 years old! Um, what??? He looks much older and is a very good looking guy. He has a rough start, as the song choice has him talking more. Once he kicks into the actual lyrics and singing, he does a great job. This kid is the complete package and gets Adam, Pharrell and Blake to hit their buttons for him!

RESULTS – We all knew it was coming, but Zach picks to join Team Blake!

Evan McKeel – His dad taught him to teach his singing like a business, so he has been doing that for three years now and booking as many gigs as possible. He is a good-looking guy and has a good voice. He is working that crowd for some cheers, so that is a good thing. He has a slow start, but he gets all four coaches to hit their buttons for him! He said he wants to sing more and show more, like Stevie Wonder. So, Pharrell asks him to sing a few lyrics and he blows the coaches away and brings Gwen to tears!

RESULTS – Evan picks to join Team Pharrell!

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