The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Premiere Recap

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Premiere Recap

Jordan Smith – We get to experience the blind audition like the coaches, as they just show the coaches and we hear the singing. He has a great voice and all four coaches hit for him and bring on my tears. Gwen said he does not look like his voice at all and Pharrell said that is what is so cool about it. He tells his story and bring on more tears!

RESULTS – Jordan picks to join Team Adam on The Voice USA 2015!

Dr. Paul – He is 66 years old and lives in a log cabin. He thinks he has a good chance of being successful in country music. He has a very good country music voice and was working it on that stage, but with no luck!

RESULTS – No coaches hit their button for him, so he is headed home.

Nadjah Nicole – She went to military school in high school, but she got to perform at political events and she loved it. She went to college and started gigging more, but then got pregnant. I love her style and I love her voice. The song is kind of constant, but she hits some big notes and the coaches finally wake up! Adam hits his button, but Blake joins him at the very end!

RESULTS – Nadjah picks to join Team Blake and he gets his first artist of the season!

Braiden Sunshine – He is 15 years old and I really like his style and personality. he seems like a great guy with a great personality. He was a part of a band, but they are all off in college now, so they don’t get together anymore. He has a very solid voice and it is so smooth, but his nerves seem to be working him. He starts showing off some inflections at the end and he gets Gwen and Pharrell to hit their buttons!

RESULTS – Braiden picks to join Team Gwen!

Michael Woolery – His dad is Chuck Woolery from Love Connection and his family is full of singers! Chuck is looking really rough! He was an athlete and competing for the Sochi Olympics, but injured himself and now he turned to music. He had a good voice, but nothing crazy spectacular about it.

RESULTS – No coaches hit their button for him, so he is headed home.

Barrett Baber – He did missionary work as a child and the African music is what inspired him to what music can do. He has a great voice and he does these great runs with it that is so good. He is so strong on the stage and he gets all four coaches to turn around for him.

RESULTS – Barrett picks to join Team Blake!

What do you think of Night 1 of the Voice Premiere tonight?

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