After a summer off, we kick off The Voice USA 2015 tonight with the Voice Premiere and the start of the blind auditions on The Voice USA Season 9! How crazy is it that we are starting the fall shows this week? Didn’t summer just start??? It didn’t, as we flew past that and now it is time to start searching for the winner of The Voice Season 9, as the The Voice coaches 2015 (Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams) try to fill up their teams. Check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2015 Recap for the Voice Premiere tonight!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Premiere Recap

The fun begins tonight on The Voice USA 2015, as we get a whole new batch of singers to take the stage and try and get the coaches to hit their buttons for them. While the artists just want one of them to hit their button, we want all four of them to do it because that is when it gets fun. What will the coaches say or promise in order to get these artists to pick them??? The banter between the coaches is what makes The Voice one of the best shows on television and I am so pumped to have it back in my life again tonight!

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 9 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 9 Premiere Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we kick off with the coaches performance, per normal! They are taking on songs from each other, which is cool. Another strong start to the season! Now time for the first artist of the season!

Mark Hood – He said his parents are his biggest fans, now. They weren’t always that way! He said he would choose Blake Shelton as his coach, which would surprise everyone. I like his style and his voice is good and his stage presence is so good! Of course, it is a four-chair turnaround to start the season!

RESULTS – Mark picks to join Team Pharrell!

Kota Wade – Carson Daly headed out to meet this singer, whose parents opened a studio to help her with her music. She is part of a band called Bad Wolf. She has a very solid voice and has a country sound to it, which I was not expecting. She gets everyone but Adam to hit their button.

RESULTS – Kota picks to join Team Gwen!

Keith Semple – He is an Irish rocker and been playing gigs since he was 16 years old. He has that rocker voice and has a good sound to his voice, but it sounds a lot like the original to me. I would be interested in hearing more from him on The Voice USA Season 9 and I will, as he gets Gwen and Adam to hit their buttons.

RESULTS – Keith picks to join Team Adam!

Alyssa Sheridan – She got accepted into the nursing program at college, but that is on the back burner for now. We get the sob story of losing her stepdad in the war after a bomb went off prematurely. She is only 18 years old and just graduated hugh school. She has some good moment in there, but she was rough in more parts.

RESULTS – No chairs turned around for her, so she is headed home

Siahna Im – She is 15 years old. She said her Mom is so strict and her Dad is so wild and she is just like her Dad. She considers herself an old soul. From the sound of her talking to the sound of her singing, what a change! She has so much soul and experience in her voice. She gets Gwen to hit her button after like two notes! She gets Blake and Pharrell to join her.

RESULTS – Siahna picks to join Team Pharrell!

Click below for Hour 2 of the Voice Premiere tonight!

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