Our Monday nights just got better, as The Voice premiere 2015 kicks off tonight on NBC and it is the return of The Voice coaches 2015 (Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton) as The Voice USA 2015 blind auditions begin! We have a new batch of singers trying to make it onto a team and eventually be the winner of The Voice USA Season 8! That journey begins tonight, so follow along with us during our The Voice USA 2015 Recap and watch The Voice Premiere with us!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Season 8 Premiere

The fun begins tonight on The Voice USA 2015, as we get a whole new batch of singers to take the stage and try and get the coaches to hit their buttons for them. While the artists just want one of them to hit their button, we want all four of them to do it because that is when it gets fun. What will the coaches say or promise in order to get these artists to pick them??? The banter between the coaches is what makes The Voice one of the best shows on television and I am so pumped to have it back in my life again tonight!

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 8 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 8 Premiere Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…as usual, we start the night with the coaches performing together! It is “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. I love these performances and this one does not disappoint! And Season 8 has begun!

Sarah Potenza – She is an Italian-American and comes from a big family. She has some crazy glasses and has been struggling to be an artist in Nashville with her husband. She has that rocker voice and a gravel to it and I am a fan. We start the season, of course, with a four-chair turnaround and the coaches are all fighting for her! She said she put a lot of thought and strategy into this decision, but she picks Team Blake, but no shocker there with their cowboy boots!

Lowell Oakley – His first influence in singing was his father and his Uncle Tony. He comes from a family of businessmen, but his uncle went into opera. He wants to be a crooner and his uncle thinks he has it on The Voice USA 2015, but will the coaches? He gets Adam to hit his button right away because he has to see him! He is a cutie and is working that stage and gets Pharrell to hit his button at the end. Lowell picks to join Team Pharrell!

Rob Taylor – He was raised by his mother and in sixth grade she had a stroke and is now paralyzed on one side of her body. He would sing at church as a child. He was accepted into a college for singing, but he stayed at home to be with his Mom. He gets Christina to turn around quickly, but then kicks it in with some HUGE notes and Adam and Pharrell join in the fun. He has such that high range, but so much control of it. Christina goes up and hugs him and said he has to come home! It worked, as he joins Team Christina!

Ivonne Acero – She grew up in a small town in Arizona and it is the home of the cantaloupe. She got a job to save up money to fly to New York for these blind auditions! She just joined the choir at school and now she is here??? For being new at this, she has such a good voice and is so solid. Sure, she could use some work, but that’s what the coaches can help her with? No luck, as no coaches hit their button and she is going home!

Cody Wickline – He comes in with cowboy boots, black jeans, a leather vest and a cowboy hat. This is meant for Team Blake, right? He got a scholarship for college and was the first one in his family to go to college and they were so proud of him. He goes in saying he would pick Blake of Pharrell, but we’ll see! He has a very country voice and it is so solid! Adam hits his button right away and Christina thinks he is dope. Blake finally joins him and then the other two join in and it is a four-chair turnaround! They all fight for him, but, of course, he joins Team Blake on The Voice Season 8!

Treeva Gibson – She grew up with two deaf parents, so she learned sign language before she learned how to speak! She lost her hearing of tone range when she was 13 years old, but they said it would not get any worse. She thinks this will bring a different perspective to music. She has a very soft voice, but it is good. She gets Blake and Christina to turn around for her, but she picks Team Christina!

Mason Henderson – NBC made it blind for us too, as they did not show the face during this audition. They showed his shoes and guitar a lot though! He has a pretty good voice, but it seems to end very quickly and no coaches turn around for him and he is very easy on the eyes!

Meghan Linsey – She was part of a group with boyfriend and got signed to a record deal and they had a Top 5 single. She was part of Steel Magnolia, but then they broke up and the group broke up and now she is here. She actually opened for Blake Shelton ten years ago. She has that raspiness to her voice that I enjoy. She takes some time with the song, but kicks it in and has the judges close to hitting their button. The only one that didn’t turn around is Blake! Since Blake did not turn around, she picks Team Pharrell and can’t believe she turned down Christina!

Joshua Davis – He is from my home state, so he is going to be good! He started playing guitar when he was 13 years old and played folk music with a band in college. He has some dreamy eyes! He starts out and Blake and Adam hit their button instantly! He had so much control with his voice and it was so soulful. He picks Team Blake and it is not a good night for Adam Levine!

Bryce Sherlow – She is part of an a capella group and they won nationals and now she is hoping to make it on her own. She has a decent voice, but I am not blown away by it. She seems to have some nerves working against her right now, but she is young. No coaches turn for her, but she gets to sing “Happy” with Pharrell, so how cool for her???

Sawyer Fredericks – He is freakin’ 15 years old and lives on a farm with a ton of animals! He said he is home schooled and really shy, but his singing allows him to express himself. His mom said he is a totally different person when he sings. He has such a strong voice and so mature! He gets Adam, Christina and Pharrell to hit their buttons within three notes. Blake takes some time, but joins them eventually! He joins Team Pharrell and Adam is shut out on Night 1???

What do you think of the blind auditions on The Voice USA 2015 tonight?

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