The Voice USA2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 3 Recap

The Voice USA2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 3 Recap

Julie Broadus – She moved around a lot as a child and was a nerd in high school. She was accepted at Georgia Tech for Biotech Engineering, but she is trying for this first. Before she starts singing tonight, this girl needs to eat a sandwich! She said she has no vocal training and it seemed to show, as she was good but not quite there.

RESULTS – No chairs turned for her, so Julie is headed home!

Cole Criske – He is from the same town as Xenia from Season 1, who was Team Blake. We then hear his sad story of his Dad passing away. Can’t people audition for The Voice and actually have a happy childhood? He has a very quiet and peaceful voice and it is slow, but he kicked it in during the chorus and it sounded good. He really did connect with the emotions of the lyrics. He gets Gwen, Pharrell and Blake to hit their buttons. After seeing him talk with the coaches, I really like this kid and he seems so sweet and innocent.

RESULTS – Cole picks to join Team Blake!

Alex Kandel – She moved to Nashville and became a nanny. Clearly her passion is in music. She was in a band and they performed on TV and festivals, but they hit their wall and decided to part ways. Now she is trying it solo. She has that indie style to her voice, but she showed some good range in that performance. She has a raspiness to it and I like it. She gets Gwen and Adam to hit their buttons.

RESULTS – Alex picks to join Team Gwen!

Celeste Betton – Another military family, shocker. She takes on a Jennifer Hudson song and she has some weird arrangements in there and I am not of fan of how she sounds. However, she has some big and powerful moments and she has a killer voice in there.

RESULTS – Pharrell is the only one to hit his button, so Celeste joins Team Pharrell!

Andi & Alex – They are twins and we have our second duo of the season! We had none for Season 8 and now the second one for The Voice Season 9! They are cute and they had a good harmony together. They have that country vibe too, so those are all positives for them and they get all four chairs to turn around!

RESULTS – Andi & Alex pick to join Team Adam!

The performances are done for tonight on The Voice USA 2015! Who was your favorite?

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