The Voice USA2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 4 Recap

The Voice USA2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 4 Recap

Madi Davis – She loved to sing as a child, but had hearing troubles and didn’t know if she was good or not! She had surgery to fix the issue and has fell in love with music ever since! She takes on a classic and I like the tone of her voice. She is very calm, so not sure if it would get boring on the live shows. She gets Gwen and Pharrell to hit their buttons!

RESULTS – Madi picks to join Team Pharrell!

Caleb Lee Hutchinson – He comes in with a cowboy hat and guitar, so he is Team Blake, right? He is 16 years old, but definitely has a very deep and manly voice when singing. He starts very shaky and it seems like the nerves are getting to him. I don’t think his voice is that strong and the coaches agree, as no one hits their button for him.

RESULTS – No chairs turn for him, so he is headed home!

QUICKLOOKS – Riley Biederer joined Team Pharrell, Cassandra Robertson joined Team Adam and Daria Jazmin joined Team Pharrell!

Chris Crump – He was home schooled and part of the family band. The Voice had open auditions in Austin the day of his wedding, so they left in the middle of their reception for him to audition! He is a good-looking guy and he has a very good voice and gets all four coaches to turn for him!

RESULTS – Chris picks to join Team Blake on The Voice USA 2015!

Tyler Dickerson – He works with his Dad at his fencing company. His Dad said it is tough seeing him work in the company, as he was meant to sing. He has a great voice and he can go deep for some of those notes and I like that. He handles that fast lyrics so well and gets Blake to hit his button!

RESULTS – Tyler is joining Team Blake!

Jubal and Amanda – They are a couple and a duo! They have both been involved with music forever. To be completely honest, I am not a huge fan of their voices. They seem to be screaming a lot and I am not a fan of that. They did get Pharrell and Gwen to hit their buttons for them! Blake asks if they are a couple and if they are married. She said not yet, so Jubal gets down on a knee and proposes and she says yes!

RESULTS – They pick to join Team Pharrell!

The Voice Blinds are done for tonight! Who was your favorite tonight?

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