I don’t think I have ever seen it before, but The Voice USA 2015 premiere kicked off last night and one of the coaches on The Voice USA Season 8 (poor Adam Levine) finished the night without a singer on his team! Mind you, this happened despite the many efforts of Adam to lure one of the singers onto his team! However, no one was biting and the other coaches were loving it! The Voice 2015 premiere continues tonight, as more blind auditions take place. Check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2015 Recap and see who makes a team on The Voice Season 8!

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Premiere Night 2

Last night on The Voice 2015 Season 8, the new season kicked off on a high note. We saw some really good singers take that stage and the coaches were all fighting for them. Adam is normally king of the four chair turnarounds, but it seems like Blake Shelton may have stolen his crown for Season 8! One of those four chair turnaround wins was Sawyer Fredericks. Seeming he was the last singer of the night and Team Adam had no singer, I thought for sure he would choose Team Adam, but he shocked everyone and went Team Blake!

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 8 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 8 Premiere Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…after Night 1, we have Team Pharrell and Team Blake with three artists, Team Christina with two artists and Team Adam got none! And now it is time to get things started tonight!

Anthony Riley – He sang with his school choir and he has Motown running through his blood! He has been a street performer for the past seven years. He clicks his feet together when he hits the stage and he has all of the coaches intrigued! He starts singing and all four coaches hit their buttons! He is so entertaining and has a great voice and some nice dance moves! The coaches all want him and fight for him, but he picks to join Team Pharrell!

Gabriel Wolfchild – He comes from some hippie parents and he seems to have followed in their footsteps. Heck, his Dad’s name is Blue Mountain! He has a good voice and he has that simple feel to it. He has some sexy eyes though and gets Adam, Christina and Blake to turn around for him! Blake said he didn’t sing to a person’s ears, but he sang to their hearts (loved this comment). In a shocker, he picks Team Christina!

Brooke Adee – When she was six years old, she saw Annie with her Dad and has been singing ever since. She said she loves tips, which made me giggle. Sure, she was talking about singing at an Italian restaurant, but still! She may be 16 years old, but she has such a strong and solid voice. Very composed up there and mature. She gets Blake and Adam to turn around and Blake worked the audience to cheer for him if the two of them were the only ones to turn around! It worked, as Brooke picks to join Team Blake on The Voice USA 2015!

Dylan Dunlap – He went to Berkley for music, but after his first year was completed, his Dad said he would no longer pay for his schooling. He decided to go to the streets and try to raise money. He was seen by someone with The Voice and here he is now! He puts a twist on “Talk Dirty” and he has some good moments in there, but not enough for me or for the coaches, as no one hits their button for him and he is headed back to the streets.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon – She grew up singing in the church and now works with a prison choir! It is cool to see her working with the inmates and I am loving her spirit right now. I love her voice and she is going deep for these lyrics and it is fun to watch. She gets Adam right away, but Christina and Pharrell join him. She sang “Happy,” so is that a gimme for Pharrell??? She picks Team Adam and he finally has a singer!!!

Joe Tolo – He actually appeared on Extra and won the chance for a makeover and a chance to get on the show. He does have a very smooth and soulful voice and he can get up there with his notes! He gets Christina and Blake to hit their button! Adam and Pharrell campaigned for her and it worked, as Joe picks to join Team Christina!

Drew Parker – This guys screams Team Blake, but let’s wait and see! He wants to be a singer, but is currently an x-ray technician to pay the bills! He is a nice guy and has a decent voice, but he is pitchy. He is country through and through, but no coaches hit their button and he is headed home.

Mia Z – She comes from a family of music and it sounds like everyone has started a band in their family, but have any of them made it? I think they keep pushing it down the generations and it annoys me. She has a good voice and it is decent, but I am not a huge fan. She just annoys me, but she gets Blake and Pharrell to hit their buttons and Christina is ticked she did not hit hers! She picks to join Team Pharrell.

Blaze Johnson – He was born in the Bahamas, but now lives in Columbus, Ohio. How big of a change there??? He has a good voice and I like him, but I am not blown away by this performance on The Voice Season 8. However, Adam and Blake are and it is another showdown between them two. Blaze picks to join Team Adam tonight!

Bryan Pierce – He grew up with a single mother and they lived pretty poor and he knows what it likes to eat out of a garbage can! He worked construction for 11 years, but his heart has always been with singing. He made a pact with himself to make a living by singing some day and he is trying that tonight. He just didn’t have that spark to get a coach to hit their button and he is headed home.

Deanna Johnson – She is back, as she auditioned back in Season 5. She said she did not have a lot of singing experience then, but has she grown since then??? She has a weird sound to her voice and it is deep. I am intrigued by her though and the coaches are too, as all four of them hit their button for her! They all fight for her, but she picks to join Team Adam!

The auditions are done for tonight! What did you think of the performances tonight?

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