Get ready, as another night of Voice Battles is ahead of us on The Voice USA 2015, as the Battles Continue and the teams on The Voice USA Season 8 will be moving one step closer to the live shows! The Voice coaches 2015 will put more of their artists against each other tonight and more singers will be eliminated! Check it out with us tonight during our The Voice USA 2015 Recap and see who went home on The Voice USA 2015 tonight!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Battles Night 3

Last week on The Voice USA Season 8, we saw the Voice Blinds come to an end on Monday night and the Voice Battles began! I love the blind auditions, but I am a bigger fan of these next couple rounds and seeing the artists battle each other for a spot in the next round! Tuesday night brought a night full of battles, including the Team Christina battle between Sonic and Ameera Delandro, which I thought was going to be alright, but Sonic wowed me with her amazing vocals on the Jessie J song!

The fun and the battles begin soon, so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the Battle Rounds when available from NBC!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 8 Battle Rounds. Don’t want to see them yet or see who went home on The Voice USA Season 8 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Team Pharrell: Briar Jonnee vs. Caitlin Caporale
Song: “Fallen” by Alicia Keys

He said he gave them this song, as they both know it and he wants to see what they can do with it. Briar has some nerves going on and Pharrell tells her to shut those voices off in her head. He said whosever personality bleeds through more is going to be the winner of this battle. They both have such amazing voices and this is such a tough one. While I enjoy Caitlin’s voice, I think Briar has the bigger voice and needs more work with a coach and can get even better, but the ending was rough for both of them.

Winner: Caitlin Caporale and no steals for Briar, so she is eliminated

Team Adam: Barry Minniefield vs. Jack Gregori
Song: “Feelin’ Alright” by Joe Cocker
He said their pairing has to do with their masculinity and he thinks it is going to be a good one. Barry said he is the oldest on Team Adam, but you are never too old to learn. Adam said it is all about how you attack a song and embrace it. While they had fun with it, I was a little bored with this one and I don’t see either of these singers making it far this season.

Winner: Barry Minniefield and no steals for Jack, so he is eliminated.

Team Christina: Katelyn Read vs. Treeva Gibson
Song: “Addicted To Love” by Florence + The Machine
She thinks this song compliments their voices well. It is haunting and moody, but she doesn’t want them to copy what Florence did. She said they have to step outside of the box and explore things. Christina has them scream during rehearsals to let it all out! They both have some weird tones to their voice, but I love them both. They did well and I like this version of the song.

Winner: Treeva Gibson and no steals for Katelyn, so she is headed home on The Voice USA 2015

Team Pharrell: Kimberly Nichole vs. Lowell Oakley
Song: “Hound Dog” by Big Mama Thornton
Pharrell said they are both old school singers, so he wants them taking on this classic. Lowell is worried about how to follow her and they tell him not to follow, but be himself. It seems like Kimberly has this one locked down in the rehearsals, but we’ll see how it goes on that stage. This battle was amazing! Kimberly’s voice is beyond amazing (reminds me of Fantasia Barrino), but Lowell is so good and I got chills from him. They are both performers and this was a great one!

Winner: Lowell Oakley and Christina wants Kimberly on her team, so she steals her away!

Team Blake: Brenna Yaeger vs. Kelsie May
Song: “Fancy” by Reba McEntire
He paired them together because they are both young country singers and he only has room for one of them on his team. Brenna is struggling with the song, which is shocking because this is such a famous song. Blake said whoever shows more confidence out there will be the winner of this battle. They both have strong country voices, but I think Kelsie is so young and has so much potential and it seems natural for her.

Winner: Kelsie May and no steals for Brenna, so she is eliminated

Team Christina: Clinton Washington vs. India Carney
Song: “Stay” by Rihanna
She thought pairing their voices would go very well together. She wants to see what their chemistry brings to the table. She said they don’t have to go toe-to-toe on this, but work on building the dynamic. To be honest, I loved India during her blind audition and her voice is beyond strong. She nailed this performance, but Clinton surprised me and his voice is very good and I may even keep him.

Winner: India Carney, but Pharrell and Adam want Clinton on their team and he picks to join Team Adam!

The battles are done for tonight! What did you think???

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