While the teams on The Voice USA 2015 are not yet complete, that will happen tonight when the Voice Blinds come to an end and the Voice Battles begin on The Voice USA Season 8! That means a lot of action tonight, so take a seat and watch with us tonight! Check it out with our The Voice USA 2015 Recap below and see who got eliminated on The Voice 2015 tonight!

The Voice - Season 8

Last week on The Voice USA Season 8, we had two more nights of the blind auditions. Monday Night brought us some good singers, including Travis Ewing, who seemed to have all the sex appeal working during his blind audition! Then on Tuesday Night, we saw Blake Shelton and Adam Levine make a pact with each other to stick together and fight for each other when they both don’t hit the button together. That did not stay a pact very long, but it was fun while it lasted, huh? That night featured Lexi Davila, who was beyond nervous to sing in front of the judges but made it work for a spot on a team this season!

The fun and the battles begin soon, so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the final Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds when available from NBC!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 8 Battle Rounds. Don’t want to see them yet or see who went home on The Voice USA Season 8 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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