We have five artists remaining on The Voice USA 2014 and they are all hoping to make it into The Voice USA Season 7 finale next week. It looks like Pharrell Williams will be sitting back and watching tonight, as his team was eliminated last week. It is down to Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani and each of them have a legitimate shot at having the winner of The Voice Season 7! Follow along with the Top 5 performances tonight below in our The Voice USA 2014 Top 5 Performances Recap!

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The Voice - Season 7

Last week on The Voice 2014 Season 7, the Top 8 took the stage on Monday night and performed for your votes. They did not disappoint, as they all were crushing it on the iTunes charts. Has there ever been a season where all the artists do so well on iTunes??? Chris Jamison has been winning me over more and more each week and his performance last week was great, but it landed him in the bottom four! The Voice Save came into play and kept him in the competition. However, it wasn’t as lucky for three other artists when the Voice results were revealed and we said goodbye to Ryan Sill from Team Gwen and DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade from Team Pharrell, which lost all it’s members last week!

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The fun and the live shows begin soon, so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the performances when available from NBC!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Voice USA 2014 Top 5 Performances Recap or see the performance videos of the Top 5 on The Voice Season 7 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the artists will be singing twice tonight: one song picked by their coach and then one song they picked as a dedication to their hometowns. Then we find out three of them moving on to the finale next week. The other nine artists will perform in the Wild Card tomorrow night for your votes and get that fourth spot in the finale. We’ll figure it out tomorrow, but now we get to start the show with Blake Shelton performing his new single and I love this man!

Round 1 – Coaches’ Selection

Damien (Team Adam) – “She’s Out Of My Life” by Michael Jackson

If there is anyone that can bring out the emotion of a lyric, Damien can definitely do that. This was an amazing performance. I have been back and forth with Damien this season, but this won me over. Perfect song choice from Adam, so good job and good job performing it Damien!

Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake) – “Working Man Blues” by Merle Haggard

Blake said he was being greedy with this song choice because he wanted to hear him perform it, but we’ve never heard it performed this way. This was a very upbeat performance and you could see Craig was having fun with it, which was cool to see. His vocals are always great and he rocked out this country song!

Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen) – “Falling Slowly” by The Swell Season

Gwen said he loves this song and she wanted to do something that he loved, so that is why she picked it. I just love this man and I love the sound of his voice. He is unique and he has his own style. It was simple and slow and he nailed it!

Matt McAndrew (Team Adam) – “Make It Rain” by Ed Sheeran

Adam said this is one of the best vocals Matt has ever done, so he can’t wait to hear us freak out like he did when he first heard it. This was such an awesome vocal and good thing Adam is a fan of Sons of Anarchy and found this song. He nailed it and I see another Top 10 spot on the iTunes charts for him!

Chris Jamison (Team Adam) – “Sugar” by Maroon 5

This happens to be the next single from Maroon 5 and Adam did not pick it, but Chris wanted to do it and he thinks Chris nails a falsetto part in it. The falsetto is great and so is Chris! I am so impressed with this guy and he has won me over these past few weeks. He is definitely one of our favorites this season!

Round 2 – Hometown Dedications

Damien (Team Adam) – “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole

We see Damien head home, but get a special moment with his TSA workers at the airport. It is so touching and you can see how much this means to him! This is a weird one, as Damien is singing a more upbeat song! He has a good voice and has that soul, no matter what song he sings. He had fun, so that is key for this performance on The Voice USA 2014 tonight!

Matt McAndrew (Team Adam) – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2

He headed home and surprised him Mom and then got to visit the students from the music school he teaches at. Did we see some future The Voice contestants??? How perfect is this song choice for Matt’s voice? He is just so comfortable on that stage and this is going to be such a tough battle!

Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake) – “The Old Rugged Cross” by Alan Jackson

He went back to Nashville and got to see his son for the first time in a couple months, which was cute to see. This is a switch from the usual upbeat and fun songs from Craig and I liked it. He brought us to church and he showed off his great vocals tonight.

Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen) – “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

I love these home visits, but when I heard he was taking on Taylor Swift tonight, I just want to hear the performance!!! I am so torn on this one. I am a huge fan of Taylor, but I don’t know if this was a good song choice for him tonight. This song is huge right now and I am used to Taylor Swift singing it. I was not a huge fan of this performance….and that makes me sad.

Chris Jamison (Team Adam) – “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars

It was a very emotional homecoming for Chris and you can see all the love from his family and they are so proud of him. I guess he is a big fan of Bruno, as he is taking on another song from him. The first one worked, so why not? I was unsure of this one, but then he hit that big note in the middle and he won me over. He has a style and sound and he sticks to it and I love it!

The performances are done for tonight! Who are you voting for?

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