We saw the Voice Top 8 perform last night on The Voice USA 2014 and it is going to be tough to watch tonight, as three of them are headed home and five are headed to the semifinals on The Voice USA Season 7 next week. It is not known yet, but I am thinking that Chris Jamison on Team Adam will be safe tonight after his coach Adam Levine gave him the “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye and he worked it out! Check out the Chris Jamison performance on The Voice 2014 last night below in our The Voice USA 2014 spoilers!

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The Voice - Season 7

Adam said that he wants to show the world that he is more than just sexy, so he gives Chris this song??? After Chris’ performance last week, can he top it with this??? I don’t know about showing the more serious side, but this was a great song choice and he has all the girls (and boys) picking up their phones for him. He has a great voice and it worked with this song. He is a mini-Justin Timberlake!

Pharrell Williams said that this was hands down his best performance of the season. Gwen Stefani added that taking on a lyric like this is so difficult, but he did it well. Adam said that this is one of the hardest tasks he has ever given anyone and he crushed the audience with this great performance.

Check out more photos from his performance here:

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Check out his The Voice USA 2014 performance here:

So, do you think Chris will make the Top 5 on The Voice Season 7?

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