We some pretty good battles on The Voice USA 2014 last night, as the Final Knockouts took place and it was time for the coaches to finish their teams for the Live Playoffs on The Voice 2014. Gwen Stefani had a tough decision when it came to Beth Spangler and Ryan Sill on The Voice Season 7 last night! Check out their performances below in our The Voice USA 2014 spoilers!

The Voice - Season 7

This is a battle of the pretty people! Ryan kicks things off and he is just so pretty as he sings “Miss Independent” by NeYo. He has a very good voice and it has that R&B sound to it. He has some good control and shows off some good range. Beth is up next and sings “Too Little, Too Late” and she has this sound to her voice and it seems like she is struggling to get out the words. She then hits a huge note and you are like, what???? She definitely kicked it in at the end.

Adam Levine pointed out that when Beth gets really high she can get really squirrelly, but said that Ryan did a great job and he would choose Ryan to win this. Blake Shelton said that he thinks they are dead even. Pharrell Williams said that they both have their plusses, if Beth would bend in her genre or Ryan would be more emotional, they could both be great choices. In the end, Gwen picked Ryan as the winner and no steals for Beth, so she is eliminated.

Check out more photos of their battle here:

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What do you think of the coaches’ decisions last night on The Voice USA 2014?

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