We got to see The Battles Round 2 on The Voice USA 2014 come to an end last night on The Voice USA Season 6 and all the teams are complete for the Playoffs starting tonight on The Voice 2014! So, who made the Top 20 on The Voice USA 2014 last night? Find out the details below in our The Voice USA 2014 spoilers!

The Voice - Season 6

We got to see six battles last night on The Voice 2014 and here are the results:

  • Team Shakira – Dani Moz beat Clarissa Serna; no steals
  • Team Adam – Kat Perkins beat Dawn & Hawkes; no steals
  • Team Usher – Melissa Jimenez beat Music Box; no steals
  • Team Blake – Ryan Whyte Maloney beat Kaleigh Glanton; no steals
  • Team Adam – Jake Barker beat Brittnee Camelle; no steals
  • Team Usher – Bria Kelly beat Madilyn Paige; Madilyn is stolen by Team Blake for the Playoffs

Blake Shelton was the only coach left with a steal and they left it for the final battle of the night. Can anyone else see a resemblance of Danielle Bradbery in Madilyn and we all know that Blake took her to victory in Season 4, so watch out for that steal!

Each team on The Voice USA 2014 now has five artists and the Playoffs kickoff tonight. It is the New Playoffs, so we’ll see what the producers throw at us this time, but only 12 artists can make the live shows! Check out the Top 20 on The Voice USA 2014 right here:

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Who is your favorite from the Top 20?

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