We had the performances on the Voice Finale last night and it was all about trying to win over some votes on The Voice USA 2014 and I think Chris Jamison on Team Adam did just that. His performances on The Voice USA Season 7 last night were all amazing and he was killing it on the iTunes charts! Check out all three of the performances on The Voice Season 7 last night below in our The Voice USA 2014 spoilers!

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The Voice - Season 7

For his first performance, it was the duet with Adam. They both hit those falsettos big time during their performances, so this duet could be great. Then they add in a Robin Thicke song??? Yeah, that is three falsetto singers and they nailed it. Chris has a voice very similar to Adam’s and they blended together very well. This is so good!

Check out the performance here:

For the second performance, we got to see Chris’ original song. I think Adam loves Chris and maybe sees some of himself in him. I can see that and I can see the love between the two of them. Besides loving the pants on this one, I am not so sure about the actual song. This is a total Michael Jackson-type song. He has a great voice and sings it well and hits those high notes, but I just wasn’t feeling it like the other original songs tonight.

Check out the second performance here:

For the final performance, it was Adam’s choice! Chris has been probably the “most improved singer” of this season. He has come on so strong and I have said he is Justin Timberlake all season long and this could be epic. This started so slow for me and I was so nervous. I am a big Chris fan and thought he would nail this. I think he had some sound issues, but he kicked it in during the middle and showed off his vocals. This ended so, so good!

Check out the final performance here:

Now check out more photos from his performances here:

Click on image for full view

So, do you think Chris will win The Voice Season 7 tonight?

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