We ended the night with a bang on The Voice USA 2014 last night, as Team Pharrell took the stage and we saw Elyjuh Rene take on Ricky Manning for the final Knockout of Week 1. It was a good battle on both sides, but there seemed to be a clear winner in our minds on The Voice USA Season 7. Were we right? Check out the Elyjuh Rene and Ricky Manning battle on The Voice Season 7 last night below in our The Voice USA 2014 spoilers!

The Voice USA 2014 Spoilers - The Knockouts - Elyjuh Rene versus Ricky Manning 6

We get to see Elyjuh first and he sings “With You” and I just can’t take this guy seriously. His facial expressions and gestures are just too over-the-top for me and it takes away the lyrics and meaning of the song. He hit some good runs, but I am distracted for most of the song on The Voice USA 2014. Ricky sings “Wrecking Ball” and I was unsure of the start, but he nails it as he goes on. He has such emotion with the lyrics and you can feel the pain. He did so well and a clear winner in my eyes.

Gwen Stefani can’t even speak. Her mind is blown with Ricky’s performance and she told Elyjuh that he had an amazing performance as well. Adam Levine said that Elyjuh really did a great job with this song, but it is hard because Ricky really blew everyone away. Blake Shelton said that Ricky’s performance is so far his favorite of the Knockouts. Pharrell said that because there is still work to be done with Elyjuh, he is picking him to move on. Everyone was shocked, which allowed Gwen to steal Ricky away and he joins Team Gwen now!

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What do you think of the coaches’ decisions last night on The Voice USA 2014?

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