The talent on The Voice USA 2014 has been hit and miss for me, as some of them have been absolutely amazing and we can see some of them going far on The Voice USA Season 7, but then some of them are good singers, but seem to have that special thing we like to see. Some of the Blind Auditions on The Voice Season 7 seem to be more about the sob story then the singing and I am not a fan of that. We’ll see what tonight offers, so follow along with our The Voice USA 2014 Recap and see the blinds continue!

The Voice - Season 7

Last night on The Voice 2014 Season 7, the blind auditions continued and we saw even more talented artists take the stage. The coaches (Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine) are filling up their teams nicely, including the addition of Mia Pfirrman to Team Adam. She surprised with this pick, but I have been surprised by a few of the choices this season. The singers come into the audition and know who they would like to work with and who they want to hit their button. That coach hits their button, but then in the fight to get them, one of the other coaches wins them over!

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 7 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2014 Season 7 Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…heading into tonight, we have Team Pharrell with eight artists, Team Gwen and Team Blake with seven artists each and Team Adam with six artists.

The first artist of the night is Katriz Trinidad, whose parents moved from the Philippines. She did her first competition at eight years old and has since gone on to do 14 more! She takes on a big song with “At Last” and shows she has a lot of control over her voice. She has some good range and she has good control over her voice. She gets Blake, Gwen and Pharrell to hit their buttons! She goes with her gut and picks Team Pharrell!

The next artist is Ethan Butler and his Dad was a pastor and he only heard gospel music growing up. He has been pursuing music the past year outside of the church. I love this show, but it seems like more about the sob stories and I don’t like that this season. He has a very strong voice and I am a fan. He was controlled and good vocals. He gets Adam and Blake to hit their buttons. He joins Team Adam.

Tanner Linford was here during Season 6 and it was the first big audience that he ever performed in front of. Adam said he has to feel the song. He is back to show us that he can do this. He is a good-looking kid, but he does have the higher voice. It is scary, but he gets Blake to hit his button at the very end and joins Team Blake!

Roem Baur stays at home during the day and takes care of the kids and gigs at night while his wife is a political advisor. He got into opera as a child and he could either do teaching or an opera singer, but he thinks it honed his voice to be a rocker! He said this is the biggest stage, so if he gets a chair to turn around then he has been accepted. I did not get the opera voice or training in there with this performance. It was alright, but nothing special and no coaches hit their button for him on The Voice USA 2014 tonight!

Jean Kelley is up next on The Voice USA Season 7 and her Mom used to say she was going to be famous and she was going to be a stage Mom. Jean was 12 years old and on vacation with her family when her Mom fell and died of heart disease! How sad is that??? She is part of a band in Atlanta, but wants to see if she can do this on her own. She starts a little slow for me and not amazed, but then she hits some big notes and shows some good range and I like her. Gwen and Blake hit their buttons at the very end and she picks to join Team Gwen!

Chris Jamison is a college student and he happens to be the mailman on campus! He is a triplet and a very good-looking fella! He said he has been performing for the past four or five years and has never had an opportunity like this before and thinks he can learn the most from Pharrell. He has a very good voice and hits those high notes that Adam and Pharrell both love. In the end, he gets all four coaches to hit their button for him and he picks Team Adam!

Craig Wayne Boyd started in a rock band after high school, but they all told him he had too much twang for rock. He moved to Nashville and has been a full-time musician for the past 11 years, but circumstances have caused him to never hit it big. He said if a chair turns for him then than means his dream is possible. He has such a strong country voice and definitely has that twang. Blake takes some time, but hits his button and Pharrell joins him. Craig goes with Team Blake, duh!

Tini Grey is from Hawaii and his Dad was a big singer on the island. He met his wife in Hawaii and now they live in California. His Dad had a stroke and Tini stepped in to take the music over from his father. He has a good voice and a cool vibe, but I think he is lacking some of the range that “Sara Smile” requires. He has some good moments, but no coaches hit their button for him and he is headed home!

Toia Jones grew up singing in the church choir. Her Dad owned a lounge and it definitely had an influence in her life. He passed away when she was 16 years old, which was the hardest thing she had to deal with. Her Mom said that she has a personality like her father, which he is shining through in her. She has a very good voice and it is strong and the coaches all seem intrigued, but none of them are hitting their buttons! She gets Pharrell and then hits a big end not and Adam joins him. She picks to join Team Pharrell.

Amanda Lee Peers and we have another church singer and religious family, but now we have a gay person and hard to come out to her family. She started her own band and they had a good run, but now she is trying the solo route. I am loving her voice and her whole vibe. She works it out and gets Gwen to hit her button, so she joins Team Gwen!

The final artist of the night is Jonathan Wyndham. He grew up with a speech impediment. He said that music is where he found his confidence. He travels with his singing and has found himself eating at half of the Cracker Barrel restaurants! He starts out a little slow and it seems lost, but then he hits his stride and you can hear the emotion in his lyrics and he gets all four coaches to turn for him! He picks to join Team Adam.

The blind auditions on The Voice USA 2014 are done for tonight. Who was your favorite?

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