Time for another week of Blind Auditions on The Voice USA 2014, as the Blinds Continue tonight on The Voice Season 7 and we will see The Voice coaches 2014 add more artists to their teams! Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams are ready to hit their buttons and then the fight begins! Watch it with us during our The Voice USA 2014 Recap below!

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The Voice - Season 7

Last week on The Voice 2014 Season 7, we got to see the start of a new season and new talent taking over the stage. During Night 1, it was a chance to see Gwen and Pharrell and how they would do as new coaches on The Voice 2014. To be honest, they did amazingly well and I am loving the rapport between the coaches. The first singer of the season was Luke Wade and he could be a force to be reckoned with on Team Pharrell. During Night 2, the fun continued and we ended the week with a bang and an audition by Maiya Sykes. She had all the coaches fighting for her, but she also picked Team Pharrell and he ended the week with five artists. Team Gwen and Team Blake had four artists and Team Adam finished with three artists.

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 7 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2014 Season 7 Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…up first tonight is John Martin, who works for a shipping and supply company. He works 50 hours per week and then does random gigs on the side. His Dad is a pastor and got into music in the church. He has a cool sound to his voice and has some good range there too. He is quite nice to look at too! He gets Blake, Gwen and Pharrell to hit their button! They fight for him, which include Blake telling him he is a good looking man and that wins over John, as he picks Team Blake!

Next we have Jessie Pitts, who comes from a big family of 8! She sang in the choir, which made her think she stood out from her other siblings. She is in college and works at a record label helping others get their music out, but she wants it to be her own music now. She has that high-pitched, indie sound to her voice and Gwen hits her button right away! I do like the tone of her voice and she gets Blake to hit his button also. Another good battle, but she picks Team Gwen on The Voice USA 2014!

Michael Stein is 62 years old and has been a cantor since 1990. He said that music really touches him deeply. He has been in a band for the White House and has performed for four different presidents, but feel he has some unfinished business. I don’t think he will get a chair turned around, but that is just me. His voice is not that strong, but he is entertaining. He is having fun up there, but no coaches hit their button and he is headed home.

Ricky Manning comes from a large family and they all sing or write songs and they play together and jam. He said he was a ladies’ man in third grade! He is a cute kid and some beautiful eyes. He sings in the streets and subways or NYC. He did not go to college and was going to focus on music for one year, but that year is coming to an end and this is his big shot. This is a tough one. He seems to have some good range, but then he sounds blah at other moments. I don’t think his voice is the strongest and think he’ll be gone early in the competition, but Pharrell and Blake his their buttons for him. Ricky picks Team Pharrell!

Some more no-chair turnarounds, but now it is time for Kelli Douglas to take the stage. She had a problem with stage fright, so she is a late bloomer because of it. She thinks one of the coaches can help her with her stage presence. She does have a good sound to her voice, but you can sense the nerves in there. She gets Adam, Gwen and Blake to hit their buttons and they fight for her, but she picks Team Adam!

Blessing Offor is blind and lives in New York City. He has played at the Kennedy Center 7 or 8 times. NBC and the producers sure love a good story, huh? He is R&B, but is hoping Blake turns around and has someone that can work on song choices and put his own twist on them. It was more on the boring side to me and the coaches sat and listened, but they all hit their button at the last second! They fight for him, but he picks to join Team Pharrell!

Now it is time for Troy Ritchie, who says that he truly loves to entertain people. He does some impressions which are not that great. Focus on singing, Troy! He has a pretty good voice and a solid voice. He has that current rocker sound to it. He gets Gwen to hit her button and he joins Team Gwen!

Cole Wilkinson is 16 years old and from a farm in Texas. He looks so freakin’ young! He loves being on stage and wants to be doing music for the rest of his life. He has that boy band sound to him and he even busts out some dance moves, which the crowd is loving and screaming. The coaches are wondering what is going on, but none of them hit their buttons and he is headed home!

Mia Pfirrman’s parents were in a singing group in the 1980’s. She said her parents gave up everything to start the family, so a chair would mean her carrying on their dream. She has a pretty good voice and some good range and the coaches are all intrigued, which leads them all to hitting their button! She picks to join Team Adam.

Carson Daly is heading out to meet Bree Fondacaro. Her Dad is a little person and her Mom is normal size. They are both involved in music. She has been gigging for eight years, but ready for the big time. She has that rasp to her voice with a little twang to it. I am liking her vibe and she gets Blake to hit his button, so she joins Team Blake on The Voice USA Season 7!

The final artist of the night is Anita Antoinette, who tried out for The Voice during Season 3. We take a look back at her audition and no coaches hitting their buttons, but she sang a capella and they loved it. She has been battling stage fright since then, but she knew she would have to come back and finish this. She has a great voice and I am loving her vibe. All four of the coaches hit their button for her and Gwen is feeling it during her performance! They all want her on their team, but she picks to join Team Gwen!

The Blind Auditions are done for tonight on The Voice USA 2014. Who was your favorite?

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