The Voice USA 2014 got off to a great start last night on NBC, as the blind auditions on The Voice USA Season 7 started strong, but the new coaches on The Voice Season 7 stole the show! Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani were a perfect fit in those red chairs alongside Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. The fun continues tonight on The Voice 2014 Season 7, as more artists take the stage and try to get those chairs to turn around! Watch it with us during our The Voice USA 2014 Recap below!

The Voice USA 2014 Spoilers - Blind Auditions Night 2

Last night on The Voice USA Season 7, the season kicked off on a high note. We, of course, started the season with a performance by the coaches, as they took on “Hella Good” by No Doubt. It was a fun start to a pretty good night of performances, which included each coach picking up two artists for their team. The season kicked off with Luke Wade, who happened to be one of my favorite performers of the night. He had a strong voice and started the season off right for the new coaches, as he joined Team Pharrell and the new season was off to a strong start!

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 7 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2014 Season 7 Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…the first artist of the night is Danica Shirey and she likes to sing R&B and soul. She sang at the Apollo when she was 15 years old and was put in the adult category and won! She went out to California and recording a six-song demo, but never made it big. She is now a stay-at-home Mom and wants to provide a better life for her daughter. She has not stepped on a stage in three and a half years. She has a very solid voice with a lot of range and control. She gets Adam, Gwen and Pharrell to hit their buttons and they fight for her, but she picks Team Pharrell!

Up next is Joe Kirk, who is from Nashville. His Mom got a gig in Myrtle Beach and his whole family took the stage with her at some point. His brothers moved to Nashville to pursue their singing dreams. Now Joe is trying to pursue his singing dreams as a senior in high school! He has only sang with his family, so this is new to him. He definitely has no nerves, as he nails this performance and has a very good and soft voice and gets all four coaches to turn around for him! He picks to join Team Adam!

We now take a look at Menlik Zergabachew on The Voice USA 2014. Both his parents were born in Ethiopia and came to America for a better life. They have made their kids learn and help other people suffering, which he says is why he started singing reggae music. He dropped out of high school to start gigging, which did not make his parents too happy! With Tessanne Chin’s success during Season 5, he is hoping the same can come his way. I am liking his vibe and so is Blake, as he hits his button very early. He thought he had it wrapped up, but then Gwen hits her button at the very end and he knew he was done for. He was right, as Menlik picks Team Gwen!

Jimi Milligan started singing when he was 13 years old. His Dad was a performer, so he got his singing from him and is hoping to live out that dream. He is a big guy and thinks this show is perfect for him. He sings them oldies but goodies and has a good voice, but no coaches hit their button for him and he is headed home.

Reagan James is from the hometown of American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Her parents have been divorced for as long as she remembers, but they are both supportive of her music. She would classify herself as an R&B singer with some pop influence, so if Pharrell turns around then she is leaning towards picking him on The Voice USA 2014 tonight! She has that deep voice and I like it. She totally has that indie sound to her voice and gets Blake and Gwen to hit their buttons for her, but no Pharrell. She joins Team Blake!

Taylor Phelan was 16 years old when he started singing and started an Indie rock rand. They had some success, but then he had a daughter and he hung up the singing. Him and his wife started a design business and it has done well, so he is trying his hand at music again, even though his daughter is like 1. It’s not like he took that much time off music, right? He said he wanted to work with Adam and could get that chance, as all four coaches hit their button for him and it is on! They always change their minds, as Taylor picks to join Team Pharrell!

Caitlin Lucia said she is the musician in the corner writing music. She is awkward and collects Pez dispensers and has over 1,000 of them! She is taking on “You’re The One That I Want” by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, but with her guitar only. It is a great twist on the classic song and she does a good job with it, but it never goes anywhere and the coaches do not hit their buttons for her!

Sugar Joans came to The Voice to make a name for herself. Her Dad is a backup singer and sang with some big names and he is an inspiration for her, but she wants this to be her own journey. She has a pretty good voice and has this weird sound to it. She gets some vibrato in there and I like it. It takes a while, but Gwen and Blake hit their button right at the very end! They fight for her, but Sugar picks to join Team Gwen!

Taylor Brashears is from Nashville and works on a food truck during the day. Music is where her heart is and started with playing the fiddle as a child, but her Mom knew her voice would take the forefront eventually. She has a good voice and that country twang to her, but she is missing that spark to me. Adam and Pharrell hit their buttons early, but they are joined by Blake at the very end. Blake laid it on real good and it worked, as she picked to join Team Blake!

Andy Cherry started singing at church and was a worship leader, but started working at a coffee shop for some extra money. This is where he met his future wife. He then got a Christian album deal and tried to please everyone else and not work on the music he loved and the album flopped. He has a pretty solid voice and sings the song well, but none of the coaches like it enough to hit their button and he is headed home.

The final singer of the night looks like they will cause some havoc among The Voice coaches 2014! We get to see Maiya Sykes, who has music run in her family. Her mother was a backup singer for Earth, Wind and Fire and her dad played the flute. She went to Yale and wanted to be a lawyer, but her mother always wondered if music was the path for her daughter. She has a beautiful voice and a great tone to it. She has so much confidence and puts on an amazing performance! Blake said she just made his day and he thinks she can win this show. Pharrell said when she sings there is a conviction and it is about her telling her story. Gwen said welcome to Team Gwen. Wherever she goes, she will do great. Adam said in order to win the show, she has to evolve and he will make sure to not take her talent for granted and push her. Pharrell said he is willing to push her ambitions and not his own. They all lay it on real thick, but Maiya picks to join Team Pharrell!

The blind auditions are done for tonight on The Voice 2014 Season 7. Who was your favorite?

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