We saw the Blind Auditions on The Voice USA 2014 come to an end last night and all the teams were in place for the Battle Rounds to start next week, but before that can happen NBC wants to give us one more night of the Blinds! Yup, it is a Best of the Blind Auditions on The Voice USA Season 7 and some performances and moments we have not see yet. Sure, it is two hours of fluff and no real point to it, but the interactions between The Voice coaches 2014 are enough to get me to tune in and you should too! Check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2014 Recap that follows!

The Voice - Season 7

Last night on The Voice USA Season 7, the coaches each had two spots to fill on their teams. Because of that, the coaches were a little more harder on the artists and were not hitting the button with as much ease. They were picky and looking for certain singers to fill out their teams. This led to some unsuccessful auditions, but we ended the night with each coach having 12 artists and we head into the Battle Rounds on The Voice Season 7 next week!

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Find out in our The Voice USA Season 7 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2014 Season 7 Best of the Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we kick things off by taking a look at each team and up first is Team Pharrell, who I think could be an amazing coach this season. Gwen said he is like Oprah and a motivational speaker and how can you compete with that. We then go back to the first audition of the season and Luke Wade, who impressed me! Pharrell was able to steal the four-chair wonder that Adam had and used his charm to get Luke on Team Pharrell! Brittany Butler and Elyjuh Rene are up next, who Blake and Gwen both thought were a girl when they turned around.

Another four-chair win for Pharrell was Maiya Sykes, who gave me goosies when she first started singing. It fell down as it went on, but she started so strong and I think she could be a real force this season. Some more quick looks and then Danica Shirey’s turn, who is alright. What do you think?

The last singer featured is Taylor Phelan, who was another four-chair win and a steal from Adam Levine. He has a very strong team and he is excited to see them in the Battle Rounds. He said it is unique talent that America has not seen and Blake said he could have a winner on there. We take a sneak peek at Team Pharrell in the Battles and working with Alicia Keys, which is amazing!

Time to move on to Team Blake on The Voice USA Season 7He is hoping to get back to the winner’s circle this season! Pharrell said he is like the Lakers and he’s got a lot of rings! Allsion Bray is back and the first artist to join Team Blake this season. It just seemed like the perfect fit for Team Blake. Besides adding country, he added some of the youngest singers in the competition with a 15, 16 and 17 year old on his team that will keep the girls happy!

We see the finishing touches of Team Blake and I just love the interaction between him and the other coaches. It is then a sneak peek at the Battle Rounds for Team Blake and working with Little Big Town. Again, love this show!

Now a look at Team Gwen and like every other female coach, she wants to be the first girl to win The Voice. Can she do it??? I am a fan of Gwen and love some of her comments and how she tells them what she wants to work on with the artists and not just kissing their butt to get them on her team. We see some highlights of her singers and she has some good ones, but not sure if she has the winner of The Voice USA 2014 on there. Then a sneak peek of the Battle Rounds for Team Gwen and working with her husband Gavin Rossdale as mentor.

It is now time to look at Team Adam on The Voice Season 7What do you think of his artists? The key to Adam and his success is the way he talks and wins these artists over. He is good at this and that is why they keep him around constantly. He lost soe four-chair turnarounds this season, but Adam came back strong later in the Blind Auditions.

The last singer for Team Adam on The Voice 2014 Season 7 is Damien and we look at his sad story and performance. He is pretty strong right? Then it is time for a sneak peek at the Battle Rounds for Team Adam and working with mentor Stevie Nicks!

The teams are all complete, so now some time for some never-seen-before footage and Blake giving Pharrell a tour of the studio and introducing him to his red chair. Some bickering between Adam and Blake, but Gwen said she gets to see the R-rated version of it and it is hilarious. We see scenes from before the artists hit the stage and the chemistry is great! Now a sneak peek at the Battle Rounds and this is going to get good!

That’s it for tonight! Who do you think has the strongest team heading into the Battle Rounds on The Voice Season 7?

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