The Battles Begin this week on The Voice USA 2014 and they continue tonight on NBC, as the coaches on The Voice USA Season 7 bring even more artists to the stage for more showdowns! Things started strong last night, as Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine put up some strong matchups and we saw some strong singers go home already! Who survives the cut tonight on The Voice 2014? Follow along tonight during our The Voice USA 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on The Voice USA 2014 tonight!

The Voice - Season 7

Last night on The Voice 2014 Season 7, the Battle Rounds began and we saw some strong battles and some pretty good singers take the stage. Team Blake is country strong, per usual, and we saw a great battle between Craig Wayne Boyd and James David Carter last night. I, personally, thought Craig had something special with his voice, but Blake preferred James and picked him as the winner. Gwen could not let Craig leave the show so soon, so she stole him away!

The fun and the battles begin soon, so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the Battle Rounds when available from NBC!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2014 Season 7 Battle Rounds. Don’t want to see them yet or see who went home on The Voice USA Season 7 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Team Pharrell: Jordy Searcy vs. Taylor Phelan
Song: “Breakeven” by The Script
He said he paired them because it would be acoustically fun to hear them battling. Alicia Keys said they are losing themselves in this battle and becoming a duo and not individual performers. They are not doing great during those rehearsals, but they slow the song down and they finally feel the connection there. They both have good voices, but both sound so much like the original and I don’t like that. Show off your own skills and I don’t feel that right now.

Winner: Taylor Phelan and no steals for Jordy, so he is eliminated

Team Adam: Alessandra Castronovo vs. Joe Kirk
Song: “Stay” by Rihanna
Adam said this song is really stripped down and they can’t hide behind anything, so it will help him decide who is stronger moving forward. He wants to see how they both respond to being in an unlikely pairing. They both brought out the emotion of this song big time. Alessandra improved so much from the rehearsal, but Joe did an awesome job and I am favoring him.

Winner: Alessandra Castronovo and no steals for Joe, so he is headed home

Some quick results on The Voice USA 2014, as NBC shows us three quick battles:

  • Team Adam – Rebekah Samarin beats Clara Hong; no steals
  • Team Blake – Grant Ganzer beats John Martin; no steals
  • Team Blake – Tanner Linford beats Justin Johnes; no steals

Team Gwen: Menlik Zergabachew vs. Troy Ritchie
Song: “Maneater” by Hall & Oates
Troy is into rock, so he is so glad to see Gavin Rossdale when he walks in. Gwen thinks they are both equally talented and now they are a team and thinks this song is unique and a good choice for both of them. Menlik is bringing the reggae sound into the his performance. She said they are equally good, but they have such different styles. This was a fun song choice, but I am not feeling all the hype that NBC built for this one. Both good singers and they both have a unique style to their voice, but nothing spectacular. I would pick Menlik, as I am loving the reggae sound!

Winner: Troy Ritchie, but both Adam and Pharrell want to steal Menlik away! He picks to join Team Pharrell!

The battles are done for tonight! Who was your favorite?

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