Time for the Top 6 on The Voice USA 2013 to take the stage and perform for our votes, as we prepare for four of the artists to move on to the semifinals on The Voice USA Season 5 next week! We are that close to finding out the winner of The Voice 2013, so these coaches (Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine) are getting their singers ready for this fight. CeeLo Green will be sitting back and watching with us, since all of his artists have been eliminated on The Voice Season 5! We get to see the Top 6 tonight and follow along with us during our The Voice USA 2013 Top 6 Performances Spoilers Recap!

The Voice 2013 Season 5 Spoilers - Top 6

Last week on The Voice USA Season 5, we saw the results show and it was another shocking bottom three: Matthew Schuler from Team Christina, Ray Boudreaux from Team Blake and Caroline Pennell from Team CeeLo. I still can’t believe that Caroline did not have the support out there like I thought she did. The Twitter Save came into play and Matthew Schuler was saved, so Caroline and Ray were eliminated!

That leaves us with Cole Vosbury on Team Blake, Matthew Schuler and Jacquie Lee on Team Christina and Tessanne Chin, James Wolpert and Will Champlin on Team Adam. See them perform below in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Voice USA 2013 Top 6 Performances Spoilers Recap or see the performance videos of the Top 6 on The Voice Season 5 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the artists will sing two songs tonight: one they picked themselves as a special dedication and one picked by their coach. Five of the six artists will move on to the semifinals next week, so the pressure is on and one of them will not make it!

Cole Vosbury (Team Blake) – “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates

Blake had him do country last week and now he wants Cole to have fun this week, which is why he picked this song. I think Cole has a great voice and I am a fan of his style, but I don’t know if he can win this whole thing. This song was nothing special and I didn’t feel any connection to the song from Cole. Blake said he is such a pro and you can tell he has been working at this for a long time.

Tessanne Chin (Team Adam) – “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

Adam said they found a balance between doing pop music and Jamaican music last week and it worked. She is nervous about this song because it means so much to her and her people. Tessanne has the ability to take any song and make it her own and sing it like no other. She has such a huge voice and is so solid. This was a winning performance tonight on The Voice USA 2013!

Matthew Schuler (Team Christina) – “Story Of My Life” by One Direction

Matthew picked this song as his dedication song. He dedicates it to his family, who have always been there for him and have always been part of his story. I think this was a bad choice for Matthew. This is a huge song right now and One Direction is out there singing it on every show, so this had to be huge. Sure, he can sing it, but he does nothing to mix it up and sound different. Christina loves this song choice for him and what he brings to it. When the choir came out, it made it so special and the stage suits him so well.

Will Champlin (Team Adam) – “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke

Will dedicates this to his wife and daughter, who have stuck by his side at all times. They have had some bad times, but they never gave up and this song represents what he hopes will be good things happening from this experience. I will be honest on this one: I got goosebumps listening to Will sing this song. He chose a perfect song choice for him and sounds so good singing it. It hits every emotion and he does so good with all the emotions of that song. CeeLo said he definitely has soul and he has heart and he deserves to stand with some of the other greats that have covered that song.

James Wolpert (Team Adam) – “Fell In Love With A Girl” by The White Stripes

His Dad is always behind him in everything he does and all the decisions he makes in his life, even the bad ones, so he is dedicating this song to him. I am still amazed at how James sounds when he sings. You look at him and would never think he sounds like that when he sings. I am not a fan of this song choice though and I was not impressed. Adam said it was nice to bring it back to the simplicity of the voice and it felt nice.

Jacquie Lee (Team Christina) – “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin

Christina said Jacquie knows how to bring the dynamic to a vocal, but now they are going to show the soft and powerful. Jacquie said this song is all about heartbreak and this song is hard for her to grasp onto because she has never had a steady, long-term boyfriend. Sure, Jacquie has a huge voice and brings those notes from the deep, but this song needed emotion. She can get down on the stage and she can fling her body around, but she ends it with a smile and that shows me she did not understand that song at all. Poor song choice, Christina!

Cole Vosbury (Team Blake) – “Better Man” by James Morrison

He dedicates this song to his first love and even though they are not together, she still makes him want to be a better man. Now this is the way to take a song and connect with the lyrics. He improved over his first performance and showed off the great vocals on The Voice USA 2013 and shows the emotional side of things! Blake said if he doesn’t get her back after tonight, then something is wrong! He showed dimension and he can do it all.

Tessanne Chin (Team Adam) – “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry

She dedicates this one to her parents, who have shown her what unconditional love really is, even though they are not together any more! I think she needed a reason to sing this song, but it was a great song choice. Her voice is flawless and she hits the emotions of all the songs she sings. I am such a huge fan of her tonight! Adam said she always impresses him and she is a beautiful person. Blake said she is a world-class vocalist and that is what people should be talking about.

Matthew Schuler (Team Christina) – “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge

After being in the bottom three last week, Christina said you can’t take anything for granted and he needs to put his heart on the line for this song. Last week, I was hoping that Matthew would have gone home. I wanted Caroline Pennell to stay more than him. I just can’t get on board to support him, no matter what he does. He seems cocky to me and I think that is what I don’t like about him on The Voice 2013.

Will Champlin (Team Adam) – “Hey Brother” by Avicii

Adam said this song is so weird and it is kind of poppy, country and electric. He must nail it. Will wants to play the banjo on this one, but Adam doesn’t want anything to distract him from his vocal and he must nail it! I’m not sure what Adam was doing with this one tonight. I don’t think it was a strong song choice for Will and it didn’t seem to showcase anything for him.

Jacquie Lee (Team Christina) – “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera

Jacquie dedicates this one to her coach, who has been an inspiration to her even before joining Team Christina this season. This song was the reason why she wanted to become a vocalist. If you are going to take on a song with a coach sitting right there, you better make it flawless. She got pitchy to start and then never did anything different from Christina’s version. She can’t hit those high notes and she just annoys me with her loud voice!

James Wolpert (Team Adam) – “I’d Do Anything For Love” by Meatloaf

Adam chooses this song and he thinks it is a perfect fit for James. He thinks this song is perfect for James and will blow people away. This is more up James’ alley and he does bring the theatrics to the performance. This makes me think that maybe James should skip the singing career and just head to Broadway?

That’s it for tonight, so who was your favorite performer of the night tonight on The Voice USA 2013?

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