Team Christina is still going strong on The Voice USA Season 5, as coach Christina Aguilera still have two artists remaining in the Top 6 on The Voice USA 2013. Jacquie Lee has been a strong candidate for Team Christina and her coach sees a lot of herself in Jacquie as a young singer. I can see the big voice on The Voice USA Season 5 and she is young, so she can only grow from this experience. Check out the performances from Jacquie Lee on The Voice Season 5 last night below in our The Voice 2013 Season 5 spoilers videos!

The Voice - Season 5

For her first performance, Christina said Jacquie knows how to bring the dynamic to a vocal, but now they are going to show the soft and powerful. Jacquie said this song is all about heartbreak and this song is hard for her to grasp onto because she has never had a steady, long-term boyfriend. Sure, Jacquie has a huge voice and brings those notes from the deep, but this song needed emotion. She can get down on the stage and she can fling her body around, but she ends it with a smile and that shows me she did not understand that song at all. Poor song choice, Christina! Check it out here:

For the second performance, Jacquie dedicates this one to her coach, who has been an inspiration to her even before joining Team Christina this season. This song was the reason why she wanted to become a vocalist. If you are going to take on a song with a coach sitting right there, you better make it flawless. She got pitchy to start and then never did anything different from Christina’s version. She can’t hit those high notes and she just annoys me with her loud voice! Check it out:

Do you think Jacquie Lee will be safe tonight on The Voice USA 2013?

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