The teams on The Voice USA 2013 have been assembled and it is time for the coaches (Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green) pair up the singers on their teams for the Battle Rounds on The Voice USA Season 5. This is where the steal comes into play and the singer the coaches don’t pick for the Knockout Rounds on The Voice 2013 can be stolen by one of the other coaches. This is where things get more exciting on The Voice Season 5 and I love it! Come watch with us during our The Voice USA 2013 and see who got eliminated on The Voice USA 2013 tonight!

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The Voice - Season 5

The coaches have made it through the Blind Auditions and each coach now has 12 acts on their team. They will be pairing up the singers and go through mentoring sessions with all of them in order to get them ready for tonight. The pressure is on, as half of the singers on each team will move on to the Knockout Rounds and the other half will be eliminated on The Voice USA 2013 tonight!

With the Battle Rounds comes the mentor sessions and each coach has brought someone along to help guide these signers. Team Cee Lo has Miguel. Team Christina has Ed Sheeran. Team Blake has Cher. Team Adam has Ryan Tedder. Some big name advisors this season, but nothing different there! Follow along with our recap starting soon!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2013 Season 5 Battle Rounds. Don’t want to see them yet or see who went home on The Voice USA Season 5 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


Here we go…for the advisors this year, we have Ed Sheeran for Team Christina, Miguel for Team Cee Lo, Ryan Tedder for Team Adam and Cher for Team Blake! I love this round and it looks like it is going to be a good one tonight!

Team Adam: Grey vs. Nic Hawk
Song: “Domino” by Jessie J
The first battle of the night comes from the wedding band singer against the man who confessed his love for his coach Adam Levine! Adam said these two are stylistically opposite and wants to see them come together. He thinks there is something in the song that they both can latch onto. Grey sings this song every weekend with her wedding band, which has Nic scared. Okay, I am torn on this one. I want to root for Nic, but Grey has such a strong voice. Nic has the stage presense and they do great on this song together, but I would go with Grey. Blake said go with Nic, but Christina said she was consistent and would go with her. Adam picks Grey! Blake said not enough was said on Nic’s vocal performance and wants him to teach him how to dance as he steals Nic away and he joins Team Blake and I am crying!

Team Christina: Amber Nicole vs. Timyra-Joi
Song: “Listen” by Beyonce
This is a young battle, as we have 17-year-old against 15-year-old! Christina paired them up on The Voice USA 2013 because she thinks they both have potential. She wants them to dig deep for this performance. Both these girls have amazing voices, so this is going to be amazing I think! Amber knows her nerves are her biggest weakness and must get past them for this battle. Not taking anything away from Timyra-Joi, but I got chills when Amber sang! They both have beyond amazing voices and this was a battle for the books. One of these girls will get stolen…hands down! Christina picks Amber Nicole! I am shocked, but no one steals Timyra-Joi away! Why????

Team Blake: Justin Chain vs. Shelbie Z.
Song: “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson
This is a battle of the powerful country singers, so Blake will lose a country singer tonight. Blake thinks this song choice pushes them to their limits. I think this could be a great duet, but on the last rehearsal Blake said the harmonies are all over the place. Justin is country through and through and has a great start. Shelbie Z. seems nervous at first, but then knocks it out of the park and shows off her strong vocals and may have overshadowed Justin. Christina said they blended so well together. Adam said the best battles are the ones that didn’t feel like a battle, but a performance. Blake picks Shelbie Z. to move on to the Knockout Rounds. Justin Chain is not picked up and headed home!

Team Cee Lo: Anthony Paul vs. Caroline Pennell
Song: “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber
Anthony has been in show choir and put college on hold for this experience. Caroline is shy and a high school student, who stepped out and I loved during her blind audition. Anthony thought he had an advantage with this song being in his genre, but then Miguel and Cee Lo enjoyed Caroline and he got worried. He knows he needs to work on the emotions of the song, which Caroline has nailed on The Voice USA 2013. This was a tough one and a little boring. Caroline has her own style and it did not fit with this song choice. This was perfect for Anthony and he did well. He did look like a creeper up on that stage at times though, right? Cee Lo loves them both and said Caroline’s voice makes him dream with his eyes open, which Christina loved. He picks Caroline Pennell! Anthony Paul is back in the game though, as Team Christina steals him away!

Team Adam: Donna Allen vs. Tessanne Chin 
Song: “Next To Me” by Emeli Sande
This is one battle I am looking forward to, but then afraid to see. They are both such strong singers and how can Adam put them against each other? This is the problem with having such a strong team on The Voice USA Season 5! Donna hits these notes that are crazy high and screaming at times, but she makes it work. It can be annoying at times, but Tessanne knows she can’t overpower her and needs to do her own thing! I think Donna is a great singer, but her voice is not something I am a fan of with those crazy notes. I am a fan of Tessanne and her voice. Blake Shelton said it was epic. Adam said that either of these singers could win The Voice Season 5. He picks Tessanne and I think he made a wise choice! What do you think? She gives props to Donna for being able to sing next to her and she made her a better singer. No steals for Donna and she is headed home!

Team Christina: Briana Cuoco vs. Jacquie Lee
Song: “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals
Christina paired them up because they are both inspired by rock and soul and there is nothing safe with them. Ed Sheeran said that everyone has covered this and with the same arrangement, so taking this and making it their own could be huge. Christina said the pairing made them both step up their game, but they both seem to be struggling with the song right now! I think this song is more fitting for Jacquie’s voice, but Briana is such a good singer and nails it herself. Cee Lo said that is amazing. Christina picks Jacquie Lee as the winner and moves on to the Knockout Rounds. Cee Lo and Blake hit their buttons to steal Briana away! She picks Team Blake! Good choice? Blake has now used both his steals for the Battle Rounds!

That is it for tonight on The Voice USA 2013. Which was your favorite battle of the night? Did the coaches make the right decision?

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