Seeming that the blind auditions on The Voice USA 2013 came to an end last night when we saw all four coaches add the final singers to their teams for The Voice USA Season 5. I guess NBC wants to waste a night of programming and has decided to give us two hours of the Best of the Blind Auditions for The Voice Season 5 and the coaches (Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green) take a look back at the teams they have formed. To make us want to tune in, they promise us a brand new performance from The Voice Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery. Watch it with us during our The Voice USA 2013 Live Recap!

The Voice - Season 5

Last night on The Voice 2013, the remaining singers took the stage and sung their hearts out in hopes of snatching up one of those final spots on the four teams. One of those singers was Greywho happened to get the guys to all hit their buttons. Due to a malfunction in his chair, Blake ended up doing a 360 for her and the jokes began! It was a good night of singers, so will any of them appear in tonight’s episode?

Find out soon enough when our Live Recap begins, but in the meantime let’s talk about who your favorite blind audition was on The Voice USA 2013?


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2013 Season 5 Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Here we go…things kick off just like they did three weeks ago: the performance of “I Love Rock and Roll” by the coaches and I still love it!

We start with a look at Team Adam and he said you have to convince them you love them the most. Blake said he has the team to beat this season, but that can be said every season. The singers love Team Adam, but then he always screws it up somehow! He is the king of the four-chair turnaround and we look at his victory in getting Tessanne Chin, who could be the best on Team Adam???

How about James Wolpert, who has the look of a guy working at an Apple store like he does, but then sings amazingly well. I’m sure all four coaches were shocked when they turned around and saw him!

Preston Pohl is another one of those that made their way to Team Adam. I was not a huge fan of his the first time around, but listening to him now and he is really good. He hit some good notes and has some great range to his voice! What do you think?

Nic Hawk flirts with Adam and then joins his team! Christina thinks she could use him as a weapon to distract Adam! Or James Irwin, who came back after getting no chairs to turnaround last season and now got all four chairs to turn around for him! Then Donna Allen came through like a champ being up there at 54 years old, but then straddled Adam to celebrate!

The final singer for Team Adam on The Voice USA 2013 is Ashley DuBose, who also may be considered a favorite. Do you think Adam will be silly enough to put her against Tessanne during the Battle Rounds???

For the Battle Rounds, Team Adam will have Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic be their consultant. It looks like we have James Irwin taking on Matt Cermanski and he won’t screw it up when it looks like Ashley DuBose takes on Justin Blake and Will Champlin battles James Wolpert. Adam could do well this season if he doesn’t screw up this round!

Now we take a look at Team Blake and he said he was looking for more diversity for Season 5. Holly Henry got out one word and Blake hit his button. He made a wise choice, as she joins his team and has such a strong voice for such an unseasoned singer!

E.G. Daily is a successful voiceover actor, but wants to break into the music business and will get that chance on Team Blake. Ray Boudreaux is a single father and hoping for success on Team Blake.

I thought Shelbie Z. had an amazingly strong audition and picked a perfect song choice. Will she continue that way for Team Blake?

Blake thinks he has a winner on his team and we get a sneak peek at the Battle Rounds and the advisor for Team Blake will be Cher!!! Some of the matchups: Shelbie Z. against Justin ChainBrian Pounds against Austin Jenckes and Monika Leigh against Ray Boudreaux.

They acted like they would show us Danielle Bradbery perform, but it looks like they just posted the performance of her single “Heart of Dixie” online. Here it is:

We now go to Team Cee Lo on The Voice USA 2013! Things start with Caroline Pennell and I loved her voice and all she does is sing at summer camps! I am so intrigued to see how they make her over this season!

Cee Lo always tends to get those unique and crazy-fun artists. That included Kat Robichaud and I loved her audition and style and she shockingly picked Cee Lo over Christina and Blake!

Remember Cole Vosbury who sang the theme to The Jeffersons? He won over Cee Lo, but Adam thinks he missed the boat on that one! Jonny Gray was a military officer in the war and now he wants to pursue his musical career and I just loved his voice. What did you think?

For the Battle Rounds, Team Cee Lo will have advisor Miguel. It looks like some battle will be: R. Anthony against Kat Robichaud, Caroline Pennell against Anthony Paul and Jonny Gray against Shawn “Big Sexy” Smith. Do you think he can take down Team Blake during The Voice USA 2013?

Team Christina is the last one to look at tonight and she is ready for the fight this season. Matthew Schuler had all the coached hitting their buttons right away during his blind audition. He went Team Christina. Can he go all the way?

Josh Logan is a single father wanting to use his musical abilities to provide for his son. Christina stole another one away from Adam and he is not happy with her!

Jacquie Lee almost didn’t get any chairs to turn around, but at the end Christina and Blake hit their buttons. Blake said he specializes in 16 year old girls winning this show, but she still went with Team Christina. We get another look at Briana Cuoco, who had the support of her sister Kaley Cuoco, and she went with girl power! Timyra-Joi had such a mature voice for a 15 year old and she is fitting for Team Christina!

One of the shockers for me this season was Olivia Henken, who had a good country voice and yet Blake did not even hit his button! She joined Team Christina instead, but you never know with the Battle Rounds!

For those Battle Rounds, Team Christina will be advised by Ed Sheeran. Some of their battles will feature: Matthew Schuler against Jacob Poole, Timyra-Joi against Amber Nicole and Michael Lynch against Josh Logan. She does seem very determined to win The Voice 2013, but does she have the team to do it?

They show some behind-the-scenes video of the coaches and how they get along so well, which is what makes this show a success. Then Carson Daly informs us that not only will the steal be in play for the Battle Rounds this season, but the coaches will get them during the Knockout Rounds as well!

Who is the strongest team heading into the Battle Rounds next week on The Voice USA 2013?

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