We are one day away from finding out the winner of The Voice USA 2013 and tonight the Top 3 on The Voice USA Season 5 will take the stage and perform for our votes one last time. They will lay it all on the line in hopes of taking home the recording contract tomorrow night! We have Team Adam (Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin) versus Team Christina (Jacquie Lee) tonight, but who will come out on top? Watch their performances with us during our The Voice USA 2013 Finale Performances Spoilers Recap that follows!

The Voice - Season 5

Last week on The Voice 2013, it was another week that was difficult to watch, as the Top 5 had to lose two more artists. With such talented singers, it makes it hard to see any of them go. Adam Levine had three artists remaining and could have possibly been the first coach to have all three finalists, but America wanted Jacquie more than Jame Wolpert. They also sent home Cole Vosbury, which means that Team Blake has no one singing in the finals and the winning streak for Blake Shelton has come to an end!

We are getting close to the performances tonight on The Voice Season 5, so stick around for our Live Recap! We’ll be posting the videos as soon as they are available!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Voice USA 2013 Finale Performances Spoilers Recap or see the performance videos of the Top 3 on The Voice Season 5 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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We start out with a look back at the journeys of the Top 3 on The Voice USA 2013 and Season 5! Things then kickoff with one last performance from The Voice Season 5 coaches, as they take on “Pour Some Sugar On Me” with the help of some of Def Leppard. I love these coaches’ performances. Who doesn’t, right?

Round 1 – Blind Auditions Song

Tessanne Chin (Team Adam) – “Try” by Pink

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Adam Levine said he knew she was something special from the very beginning and she has gotten even better since then. It all started with this song for Tessanne and she shows why all four coaches turned for her. This was such a good vocal and she makes it sound so easy. There seems like no effort from Tessanne and yet it sounds so good! Adam said everything that she does draws him in and enjoyed the process of working with her so much.

Will Champlin (Team Adam) – “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw

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Adam thought they would get along musically. He said Will has gone through the most in this competition and he is proud to have been able to work with him. This is the type of song that Will sounds very good on. I think this is the kind of album he would make, but I don’t feel that emotional connection that Will is normally good doing with a song on The Voice USA 2013.

Jacquie Lee (Team Christina) – “Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse

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Christina said she saw this little girl with this huge voice and she was totally captivated. She knew she could do big things and now here she is. I have said it most of the season, but Jacquie just doesn’t have that strong of vocals. Sure, she screams those big notes and makes it sound so amazing, but to me it is just screeching. That was put on full display for this song. Watch the end of this performance and it is a perfect example. I think windows broke on that one! Christina said there is something so special about her and they have a good time together.

Round 2 – Coaches’ Duet

Adam Levine and Tessanne Chin – “Let It Be” by The Beatles

Adam said this is going to be fun. Tessanne said she looks up to him a lot and she looks up to him not only as an artist, but as a person and that means more to her. This was a great duet and a great song choice. She sounded so good on her parts and with him. It was calm and nothing over-the-top, but girl has a voice on her! Just when I type that, they go and put a Jamaican twist into the song and I am in love. Tessanne is a beautiful person on the outside and on the inside and I so hope she wins this one!

Christina Aguilera and Jacquie Lee – “We Remain” by Christina Aguilera

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Christina said this song is hard for any vocalist to sing, but for a 16-year-old to do it is remarkable. So, of all the songs out there to choose from, Christina picks one of her own songs??? This is from The Hunger Games and I think this is just going to show how weak of a singer Jacquie really is. We start with Christina only on the stage and I thought this was a duet??? Jacquie does this jerking thing when she performs and it drives me insane! She has not one ounce of rhythm and needs to not move at all. This was just a weird one for me on The Voice USA Season 5.

Adam Levine and Will Champlin – “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

Adam said he is so proud of him and he has been nothing more than devoted. He is glad there is a musician in the finale. Adam thinks there are a lot of parallels between the two of them and they are cut from the same cloth. This was a great song choice for Will’s voice. They each take their turns with their parts and finally get to singing together and it sounds so good. Their voices blend well together and I liked it.

For one last performance together, The Voice Season 5 Top 3 take the stage. They perform “I’ll Be There” and it is a great performance. Jacquie sings….not bad. Will sings…goosebumps. Tessanne sings….huge goosebumps. I’ll give it up to Will on this one though, as he sounded very good on this one.

Round 3 – Final Performance

Tessanne Chin (Team Adam) – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Adam said she had some much potential and just needed to break out of her shell. Tessanne said that Adam has made her a better person. Tessanne’s first instinct when getting this song was no! She cannot be Whitney, but she will do it as a tribute. To be honest, I have no words for this performance. I just sat back and listened, as should you, and admired what I was listening to. Adam said he is not vying for votes. He knows in his heart that she is the winner of this show.

Will Champlin (Team Adam) – “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams

Adam said Will is better than everyone knows of. He said Will became this comeback kid that everyone was rooting for and it got him to the finals on The Voice USA 2013. Adam said everyone knows this song. He tells him to keep the melody recognizable, but put his stamp on this one. I am a big fan of Will, but there was nothing special with this performance and I am sad to say that. He had a good vocal, but nothing outrageous.

Jacquie Lee (Team Christina) – “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson

Christina said she knew Jacquie had an undeniable presence. She said she has so much inside that little body and is like her little sister and excited to be on this journey with her. Jacquie san sing the hell out of this song, but the only way she can win is connecting with the lyrics. Can a 16-year-old girl who has never been in love do that? Nope! The reason why Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for this is because she connected. Great vocal, but because she can scream! Over her!

The performances on The Voice USA 2013 are done. Who are you voting for?

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