One of the singers I am shocked has made the Top 6 on The Voice Season 3 is Terry McDermott. Not that he is a bad singer, but he just seems out of his league on The Voice 2012. He is the rocker that keeps working his way onto the Rock Charts on iTunes, so people out there must love him and that shows how he has made it onto The Voice Season 3 Top 6. With two performances tonight done, it is time for America to vote and decide who was eliminated on The Voice Season 3 tomorrow night. Check out Terry McDermott perform on The Voice Season 3 below.

For his first song, Terry McDermott chose a song that reminded him of his wife and the struggles he was going through with the death of his mother. He sang “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner and Blake Shelton decided to strip him down and had him sing with just him and a piano tonight and it was magical. Terry showed so much emotion and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see why America loves him on The Voice Season 3 and you can see why right here:

For the second song, Blake chose “Stay With Me” by Rod Stewart. This was a more upbeat performance from Terry and to be honest, I became a fan of Terry McDermott tonight on The Voice 2012. He rocked it out and his vocals are so solid and he never has any issues. He is strong and a professional and I think his performances proved that tonight. Check out the second performance here:

Would you vote for Terry McDermott to win it all on The Voice Season 3?

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