The Top 3 on The Voice Season 3 took the stage last night and gave it their all in hopes of winning The Voice 2012. With some stellar performances last night, it seems like America had a tough choice on their hands when voting for the winner of The Voice Season 3. All three singers (Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David and Terry McDermott) have great voices and have done well all season, so the winner tonight will be hard to determine. Check out my The Voice Season 3 predictions and then come back tonight for my The Voice Season 3 Finale Live Recap!

First, let’s take a look back at last night and how they Top 3 did. Each singer performed three times: a new song, the song that was their defining moment on The Voice Season 3 and a duet with their coach. For me, the standout of the night was Nicholas David. He started out with a medley of “Great Balls Of Fire” and “Fire” and that seemed to ignite his fire and the rest of his night was spot-on. He sang “Lean On Me” again and knocked it out of the park and his duet with Cee Lo Green of “Play That Funky Music” was perfect for both their voices. The other two performers were just alright for me. Terry seemed to fall short for me and I was not a fan of him last night. Cassadee kind of sucked it up last night, in my eyes. She looked beautiful, but “Over You” was not as good as the first time. Her duet with Blake Shelton was a hot mess and her new song, “Cry,” just seemed lacking compared to her normal performances.

With that being said, who wins The Voice Season 3? Despite my love for Nicholas and I truly think he deserves this victory the most and represents what The Voice truly means, I think the whole season has been a platform for Cassadee to win. She has a fan base that seems to outweigh both Terry and Nicholas combined. I think she has a great voice and is deserving of the title, but I think Nicholas makes the better story and his voice is different and unique and would bring something new to the music scene. As much as I root for Nicholas, the winner of The Voice Season 3 will be Cassadee Pope and back-to-back wins for her coach Blake Shelton!

Who are you predicting to win The Voice 2012?

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