The Voice Season 3 Finale is bringing out all the big stars to fill the two hours and one of those big stars is Rihanna. To help drag out the time of finding out who won The Voice Season 2, Rihanna performs on The Voice 2012. She can always get a crowd going, so this was a big booking for NBC. She has appeared on Saturday Night Live a few times now, so maybe she has a soft spot for NBC? Anyway, you can see Rihanna perform on The Voice Season 3 below.

This is not an unfamiliar place for Rihanna to be. She has appeared on The X Factor around the world and is even being rumored to be a candidate for a judge on both the UK and US version of both shows. With that being said, Rihanna made her way to The Voice stage as another singing competition appearance for the “Diamonds” singer. Tonight on The Voice Season 3 she performed her #1 song “Diamonds” and looked absolutely gorgeous. She kept it simple and shined like a diamond on that stage!

I don’t know how I feel about Rihanna nowadays. She has been posting pictures on her Instagram of her barely in any clothes, of Chris Brown passed out in her bed, of her drinking and partying. I know she is young and she is allowed to have fun, but flaunting her thing with Chris Brown makes me kind of not like her as much. Do we have to see how great he is again until he gets pissed off and hits you again? It just makes me lose respect for her. Does anyone else agree with me?

Check out her performance on The Voice Season 3 Finale here:

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