The Top 3 on The Voice Season 3 have all been tough performers all season long on The Voice 2012, so who wins The Voice this season is all up in the air. It seems like an even matchup going into the finale performances tonight, so lets take a look at Nicholas David from Team Cee Lo. Cee Lo Green has never won The Voice, so this is chance to get that title before he takes a break during Season 4. How did Nicholas David do? Check out the performances below and tell me if you would vote for him on The Voice USA Season 3!

For his first song, Nicholas David sang a medley of “Great Balls Of Fire” and “Fire.” This was an amazing medley and Nicholas knocked it out of the park for the opening performance of the night. It showed a fun and upbeat side to Nicholas we have not see before, but he still showed off his amazing voice. He was on fire for this performance and I am loving it. Check out the performance here:

The second song tonight on The Voice Season 3 from Nicholas was the defininig moment song for him this season. The song was “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. Not only did he bring Cee Lo Green to tears during this performance, but he also got a suprise visit from Mr. Withers himself after the performance. He has so much soul and he was strong yet again on this song. He is two for two tonight in my book and one more good song and I think we have a winner! Check out the performance here:

For his last song, Nicholas took the stage with his coach Cee Lo Green for their duet. This was the only duet tonight on The Voice Season 3 that I actually enjoyed. They sang “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry, which was the perfect choice for both of them and their voices. This was fun and entertaining, which is expected from Cee Lo. There was even a mini-Cee Lo that came out and danced, so you won’t want to miss it. Did Nicholas do enough to win The Voice 2012? Check out the duet here:

Would you vote for Nicholas David to win The Voice Season 3?

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