Kelly Clarkson may be the original American Idol, but she has not been remaining loyal to the show that brought her fame and tonight she performed on The Voice Season 3 Finale. I love this girl and it has been 11 seasons since she won, so does she have to be loyal? She was a judge on Duets 2012 and now she is performing on The Voice 2012. With only three singers left, NBC brought out some popular artists to help fill up the finale results show. Check out Kelly Clarkson perform on The Voice Season 3 Finale below!


Kelly Clarkson served as a mentor for Team Blake during Season 2 of The Voice, so this is not her first rodeo with the show. I think she has an amazing voice and we all know she can sing live, especially since she won the first season of American Idol. She looks great tonight and has her body rocking lately.

Tonight she sang  her new single “Catch My Breath” with both Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott. She still shows love to her friend Blake Shelton and sings with Team Blake. This was a fun performance and I love this song. She sounds great during it and Terry comes in a little rough, but Cassadee sounded real good with her. I think this is Cassadee’s type of song, so of course she shined. Do you think it was another chance for NBC and The Voice 2012 to show how great they believe Cassadee is? Check out Kelly Clarkson perform on The Voice Season 3 with Cassadee and Terry right here and tell me your thoughts on the performance:

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